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Over the past five years, an average of 5,500 births were attended to at Esperanza López Mateos Maternal and Child Hospital, of which 450 were premature, equivalent to 8 percent; Of these, 246 were extremely premature i.e. less than 28 weeks. To date, the youngest child has been successfully discharged, whose gestational age was 26 weeks, weighing 650 grams, and with proper care he managed to be discharged and go home to his family.

Cesario Gonzalez Bernal, the person in charge of the neonatology and milk bank headquarters of this hospital, explained that the cause of premature birth is multifactorial.

“The cause of premature birth is thought to be multifactorial, that is, there are many problems that can cause premature birth, including maternal malformation, maternal malnutrition, maternal infection and some other pathological problems of mothers; “A mother suffering from diabetes, a mother suffering from chronic high blood pressure, a mother suffering from pregnancy-induced hypertension or preeclampsia, all these problems can lead to preterm labor and preterm birth.”

Complications caused by premature birth are the main cause of death in the neonatal period, and to reduce their incidence, the “Esperanza López Mateos” Maternal and Child Hospital implements a premature neonatal care strategy that meets the needs of infants. And focuses on the rights and their families.

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