Lorena Meritano boasts the tattoos she got on her breasts

The actress Lorraine Meritano she does not stop celebrating in a big way having defeated breast cancer. After a long recovery process in which she was subjected to different therapies, the Argentine is healthier and more positive than ever, so she does not hesitate to share her story.

After having decided to get rid of the physical scars caused by the disease with a series of tattoos on her breasts, the actress decided to share again a little of what her journey has been like, after declaring herself free of cancer.

Meritano shared a memory image to explain why she turned to a well-known cartoonist to tattoo her breasts and thus disappear any trace of her condition. Although it is still difficult for her to count the removal of her areolas, she showed without shame the result that has her more than happy.

“I didn’t quite like those huge scars that crossed my torso, and one day I saw an article by a very prestigious oncologist. I saw images of many women and men who tattooed their scars and their smiles got bigger,” Meritano explained in his Instagram account. “Nobody who has not experienced it can understand it, nor do I want them to do so, much less judge or criticize it.”


Lorraine Meritano/Instagram Lorraine Meritano

The artist revealed that the process was painful, but that it was worth it to regain her self-esteem and gigantic smile.

“I’m not going to say that it didn’t hurt, but my pain threshold is immense after so much and happiness was much more,” he said.

Meritano thanked the name tattoo artist Julidue to the delicacy in which he carried out the process and recommended that his followers consult a doctor if they decided to follow in his footsteps.

“I’m not telling you to do it [te tatúes]I only share a little piece of my story with you and the decisions that I made and make about my life and body are not subject to unsolicited or other people’s opinions,” he said. “Obviously I always consult with doctors and professionals about my steps with responsibility and love for my health, physical, emotional and psychological, which I continue to build one day at a time”.

Lorraine Meritano/Instagram Lorraine Meritano

Meritano took the opportunity to denounce the double standards that exist on social networks, which forced her to cover up part of Juli’s work.

“Unfortunately we had to cover the mammary areola tattoo due to the double standards and idiocy of this social network, where an areola is canceled and violence is allowed,” he said.

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