Los Chapitos hitmen attacked a US drone that was monitoring their operations in Sonora

A US border agent drone was closely watching a group of Los Chapitos hitmen when it came under fire. (Twitter/@jaeson_jones)

“Is that the top of the mountain?” a US border agent asked. Given the affirmative response of one of his classmates, he is heard saying “So they are people from Los Chapitos”.

A recently released video by Jaeson Jones, a reporter and retired Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) captain, revealed the moment a group of hit men from Los Chapitos fired at a drone noticing that they were being watched.

Elements of the border patrol were monitoring the region that divides the Mexican state of Sonora with Arizona when they found what appeared to be a camp of the armed wing of the Sinaloa cartel.

From what is perceptible in the recording, there were around 10 subjects, of different ages, in civilian clothes, their faces covered, and weapons at their disposal. At one point, when they noticed the presence of the drone, the hitmen took their radios to notify their superiors of the situation.

A group of about 10 Los Chapitos hitmen became aware of the surveillance by US authorities.  (Twitter/@jaeson_jones)
A group of about 10 Los Chapitos hitmen became aware of the surveillance by US authorities. (Twitter/@jaeson_jones)

Moments later, with rifles such as an AK-47, they began to shoot at the unmanned aerial system. (Unmanned Aerial System, in English). During the 49-second duration of the video, at least four shots were heard. However, they apparently failed to hit him or cause him any damage.

“He’s just a child!” one of the US agents can be heard saying as he observes one of the armed assassins from Los Chapitos.

By one of the coordinates that can be seen on the drone’s radar, the point where the criminal group had set up its base is in the municipality of Saric, just over 300 meters from the border. Specifically, they were at the top of a mountain in the middle of the desert.

Approximate location of the Los Chapitos camp.  (Google Maps)
Approximate location of the Los Chapitos camp. (Google Maps)

Although the date on which the images were captured does not appear in the video, the material was presented by Jaeson Jones on January 16, 2023 on the newscast Newsmaxfor which he is a collaborator.

During the broadcast, the reporter explained that the main reason why the Sinaloan cartel locates its bases of operation in those areas is to maintain control of the corridor that allows them to traffic drugs such as methamphetamine and fentanyl to the US.

He even mentioned that, since it is the access route for these narcotics to said country, Arizona has become “ground zero” regarding the trafficking of lethal substances. “Is is the most significant threat in terms of public safety and national security for the American people,” Jones said on the news.

It should be remembered that, according to information contained in the files hacked from the Ministry of National Defense (sedena), in Sonora a struggle prevails between the Caborca ​​Cartel and the faction of the little boys (or Los Menores) of the Sinaloa Cartel.

In the reports obtained after the corporation’s information security breach, it was established that throughout the state there is a complex network of road, air and even maritime transport that evade military surveillance points to move the drug.

One of the most important points adjacent to Arizona identified by the Sedena was the municipality of aguaprietasince it is the destination of at least three land routes that begin in Sinaloa, a state with a large presence of clandestine laboratories of the cartel once headed by the shorty Guzman.


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