Lose weight, lower blood sugar levels and improve memory with this extract

Lose weight, lower blood sugar levels and improve memory with this extractS.D.

Infusions have many health benefits. There are many studies that additionally ensure that help in losing weight, It is also an excellent ally due to its diuretic effect improve digestion, Furthermore, some of them may be a prop When it’s time to rest, fight the cold and so improve blood circulationas well as promoting good hydrationCounteracting fluid retention and promoting healthy sleep.


Their use is becoming common among those who choose to include them in their daily diet Have become A very recurring option for those who want to lose a few extra kilos, Since they provide a feeling of satiety and help with various purposes, such as reducing cellulite or improving the health of hair and nails., There is no magic drink or miraculous formula, but it is true that infusions provide very useful assistance when it comes to losing weight. One of the infusions that can help you achieve this goal is green coffee, which is the latest trend due to its significant slimming properties.

Some studies suggest that Eating green coffee helps reduce the absorption of carbohydrates in the digestive system, reduce blood sugar levels as well as insulin spikes, and improve concentration and memory., In addition, green coffee consumption has also been found to have other effects that are related to the improvement of certain pathologies and cardiovascular diseases such as reducing blood pressure; Reduction of homocysteine, an amino acid linked to stroke and brain infarction and increased vascular reactivity, is why green coffee may be an anti-inflammatory.

green coffee It is made from unroasted coffee beans, In addition to caffeine, it contains a substance that is preserved when the beans are roasted: chlorogenic acid, a substance that promotes weight loss.

how to drink

In the current market you can find green coffee in different formats: extracts, smoothies, chewing gums… The most widespread consumption is capsules and some fulfill their function but the composition of many of them is more than questionable. The healthiest and most recommended way to consume green coffee is as an extract, as you can enjoy all its properties naturally. Green coffee can now be purchased in sachets for infusion, you can buy green coffee beans and prepare infusions from them, or buy already ground beans.

Best time: At night

Weight loss tea is most effective when you drink it at night. This is because, when you sleep, the body is able to repair itself more effectively than during the day, when it has to attend to other functions that require energy. Body weight can be lost very effectively while you are sleeping If you give it the help of some products that stimulate metabolism and fat burning. Therefore, taking slimming infusion before going to bed will help you lose weight and achieve your goal sooner.

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