Lots of love! Pete Davidson fans discover certain stains on his neck

UNITED STATES. – Fans of Peter Davidson they realized what would be a new mark on the comedian’s neck. It seems that kim kardashian It would have left a hickey and people were quick to recognize it this time. Everyone is watching every movement of the couple.

The comedian has been strolling the streets of New York and decided to stop to take selfies with some fans. In the images taken you can see the red mark on one side of the young man’s neck. It seems that the fan who appeared in the image did not notice the mysterious stain, but his followers did and decided to comment on social networks.

This is not the first time Peter Davidson shown with these marks, a few months ago it had very similar ones. This was at the beginning of the romance with kim kardashian and at that time the fans decided not to give much account of that. This time, they seem to be more aware, especially because of how controversial the relationship has been since kanye-west He has started talking about her.

The actor seems to have been very marked by Kim Kardashian

The rapper does not agree with his ex-wife’s new romance and does not miss an opportunity to make it known. Most of his attacks are not against Kim herself, but against Pete. He has even taken old sketches of the actor from Saturday night Live to use them as a form of mockery. This has not been taken very well by Pete’s fans, but it seems that it is by those of the rapper.

It is that these have come so far that they even went to the house of the mother of Peter Davidson. This undoubtedly angered the comedian, as well as frightening him, which is why he himself plans to move to a place with more security. Pete and Kim’s relationship is certainly too public and doesn’t seem to get any quieter in the coming months.

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