Lotti and Carrera, the two Cruz Azul reinforcements lagging behind by the PotroMediotiempo

although in Blue Cross They still haven’t found the long-awaited center forward, the reality is that there are two elements that arrived on time and in good shape, but are lagging behind in the institution: Ramiro Carrera and Augusto Lotti.

Both players arrived prior to the preseason of the squad of Raul Gutierrez and they were incorporated precisely in the trip that the club made to cancun to integrate into the environment and the physical theme.

They even participated in the preparation games until the start of the Cbid for Mexico, because there they could no longer be taken into account by regulation. Both scored in the preseason and it was expected that at the start of the Closing 2023 they were on point.

However, this did not happen. And it is that in the debut of La Máquina in the Closing 2023 in view of Tijuana, the records of the two Argentines were not ready and they had to wait another week. It was thus that El Potro launched elements such as Christian Tabó Y michael estrada without having a good result, as both could do little on the pitch.

In fact, taboo he played 60 minutes and registered 15 touches, two blocks, five completions, 11 passes attempted and no shots on goal, very poor numbers for a striker.

For the second date, the debut as a starter was expected at least lotti, but it was not like that. He came on as a substitute and played only 26 minutes, while Race He suffered the same fate: he came in as a relief and played 20 minutes. On this occasion, taboo stayed on the bench.

However, Lotti recorded two shots, nine touches, two completions per five attempts. For his part, Race he had four passes completed on four attempts, though he only had one shot that was blocked.

And maybe with those minutes the colt drew conclusionsbecause for the match against Necaxa last weekend, he once again gave confidence to taboowhile Augusto and Ramiro returned to ‘eat’ the bank.

That yes, against the hidrocálidos the striker charrúa had more intentions in front of the frame, but no aim: He fired four shots, two of them stayed on target when they were blocked and two more did not aim as they went outside the frame.

Specific, Tabó adds 119 minutes in this tournament, while Ramiro is 34′ Y lotti 58′. And although neither of the two elements were requested by DT, the reality is that Christian has come from more to less since his arrival at La Máquina.

It has not even been able to show itself as that element of The fringe that exploded in 2021 and that had the cement directive waiting for him a year. And to his bad luck, injuries have been his worst companion in this adventure that now seems to receive one more opportunity from gutierrez.


Wow that ownership of Jose Joaquin Martinez Against the hydrocálidos in the right wing, he annoyed the fans, who made themselves felt on social networks. Since Huescas was enabled in that position by himself Foalthe youth took over the band causing Blue Cross He will no longer look for a right back by giving him complete confidence.

However, a bad game in the Aztec in view of striped billed him and gutierrez chose to use shaggyan element that has been labeled as a player to save or maintain markers towards the final stretch of a match, a situation that made his presence felt against Necaxa from the beginning.

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