Louisiana becomes first US state to mandate display of ‘Ten Commandments’ in classrooms

The US state of Louisiana introduced a law this Wednesday that requires Display ‘Ten Commandments’ in all classrooms from next yearFrom schools to universities, thus becoming the first state in the country to implement it , Area.

The rule — signed into law by Republican Governor Jeff Landry and approved by legislators last month — requires that all classes in schools receive it State funds A sign “measuring at least eleven by fourteen inches (28 by 35.5 centimetres)” and “printed in a large, easily legible font” has been posted, CNN television reported.

Opponents of the law have argued that the state requires the presence of a religious text in all classrooms would violate the Constitution of the United States, Which says that Congress “may make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” Civil liberties groups announced prior to implementation that they would challenge the rule in court.

In fact, the main union group in the United States, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), has reported that it has filed an “appeal”.Challenge the new Louisiana law which requires all public elementary, secondary, and post-secondary schools to display the ‘Ten Commandments’ in every classroom.

“This law violates long-standing Supreme Court precedent and the First Amendment (of the Constitution). More than 40 years ago, (…) The Supreme Court struck down a similar state statute, Holding that the First Amendment prevents public schools from posting the ‘Ten Commandments’ in classrooms, he demurred, “No other state requires these to be displayed in public schools.”

The ACLU emphasized through a statement published on its website that these restrictions “will result in Unconstitutional religious pressure on studentsThose who are legally required to attend school are therefore a captive audience for school-sponsored religious messages.

“Too This would send a scary message to students and families who don’t follow the state’s preferred version Of the Ten Commandments, they are not included or welcome in our public schools,” he concluded.

Supporters of the law are counting on a Supreme Court decision to give a high school football coach his job back after he was disciplined over a controversy involving on-field prayer. The court ruled Prayers were equivalent to private speech protected in the Constitution And they cannot be banned.


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