Lourdes Leon Ciccone champion of appearing as one is


We are in 2021 at the Met Gala and under a rain of flashes Lourdes Ciccone Leon, swaddled in her Middle Eastern dress by Moschino, she raises her arms and proudly shows her unshaved armpits.

Let’s take a step back in time: in 1999 Julia Roberts caused a sensation by presenting herself at the premiere of the film Notting Hill with sleeveless dress e hair armpit. Hers, as the actress herself stated later in many interviews, was just a wrong move: “I didn’t calculate the length of the sleeve or how wide my greetings were. It did not want to be a feminist message, much less a gesture behind which a precise meaning was hidden ». Reading this statement, it is impossible not to think about how far we have come in just over twenty years. Wrong move, then, why?

If women’s bodies are normalizing and the obligation to no longer have to respond to certain characteristics to be considered beautiful is falling, it is also because Gen Z, of which Madonna’s daughter is a part, tries to realize the ideal of show yourself as you are in complete freedom. We give thanks to Lola, therefore, worthy offspring of her mother. Born in 1996, Lourdes blows 25 candles on October 14th. Beauty full of character, she immediately distinguished herself (which is not easy with such a “bulky” mother) for her style choices.

Since she was a young girl, she proudly showed hers Thick eyebrows, her powerful charm, her independent soul also through various beauty looks. Just think of the hair that from raven black in adolescence led to gray (anticipating the fashion of granny hair), green, lilac and raven.


Lourdes Leon in the 2016 campaign for Stella McCartney’s POP perfume

Even with regard to make-up, she has gone from strong colors on lips and eyes to nuance definitely more natural.

Today Lourdes Leon is not just Madonna’s daughter , but a young star who is finding her place in the world by never coming to terms with anyone (does it remind you of anyone?). With an independent temperament, we have recently seen her on the catwalk for Versace: alongside a supermodel she sails and slender she advanced proudly, wrapped in a silver dress that showed off her sinuous body, the very black and very long hair, the bold eyeshadow neon green. And then at Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty show where she showed off in a combo a vinyl lingerie, winged eye, futuristic hairstyle and XXL nails enameled in dark green.

Always targeted for its beauty choices unconventional, one month after the famous Met Gala lived in the name of hair positivity, recently responded on Instagram in kind to the haters, denouncing them since tired of being accused only and exclusively for being herself: “THINK before making insensitive and misogynistic comments!” He wrote via social media. We have come a long way, but there is still much more to do on the theme of beauty. But thanks also to Lola Ciccone, the steps in the right direction are being taken.

In the gallery her beauty moments from 6 to 25 years in honor of her birthday.


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