Lourdes Stephen: the Dominican in charge of Al Rojo Vivo

lourdes stephen He is one of those people who with their mere presence take over the spaces. Affable, close and charismatic. We recently met with her at an event in Miami and since she heard her Dominican accent she was moved and a smile emerged that lasted almost the entire conversation.

She defines herself as an ambassador of the Dominican Republic, the country where she was born and from where she left more than 30 years ago in search of a dream. She today she is the stellar co-host of the new stage of Red Hotemblematic program of Telemundo After his successful passage through Univision.

He spoke about this project and the commitment he feels to represent his country to Free Journal.

— How do you feel with this new family and being the first Dominican to present Al Rojo Vivo?

I feel that life has prepared me professionally and personally to be in this place today and I think that in one way or another it has been God who has led me to this point. I feel so honored and blessed to be the first Dominican to present a program as prestigious as Al Rojo Vivo and to be the only Dominican presenter on the national network, in Telemundo network, although we must point out that in several local stations we have large Creole representations.

It is a great responsibility because I always want to carry my flag and the Dominican woman high. I am very grateful for all the support that my people have given me inside and outside the country. Thank you all for your love!

—What do you think you bring to the show and to that duo with Jessica Carrillo, with whom you have had great chemistry in these first two weeks of the premiere of the new stage of the program?

Al Rojo Vivo is a complete news magazine that offers everything you want to see.

Personally, I greatly admire my team and also my co-anchor Jessica Carrillo, because she is not only a great journalist but also an excellent colleague. She and I share that hybrid experience of what is the world of entertainment and what is news, and I feel that is key to the show. For my part, I contribute all my knowledge and dedication, the passion for communication and undoubtedly that Dominican flavor that characterizes us.

“I am and continue to be that young woman who had a mourning in her heart and many dreams to conquer; who left her country with a blurred look, in tears, because she had lost her mother”lourdes stephenHost of Al Rojo Vivo

—María Celeste Arraras, the founder of the television space, gave a very positive assessment of your entry to Al Rojo Vivo, as did other colleagues, such as Rodner Figueroa, with whom you work again after Sal y Pimienta. How do you feel with this validation of your work and assessment of yourself?

María Celeste Arrarás is a great journalist whose career I have followed for decades. I respect and value what she has done and we continue it with all tenacity. It felt very nice to read what she wrote about this new stage in my career, and in fact I sent her a message to thank her for such a nice gesture that she had. I’ll never forget!

Within the program, the welcome was incredible. From colleagues like Rodner, with whom he had already had work experience, and new colleagues, who since we met have shown great camaraderie. That made me feel very special!

—More than three decades in the media, most of them in Univisión in different projects, how do you define that stage?

I have a total of 33 years in the media… in front of and behind the camera! And to be completely honest with you, I keep everything from each stage. If I hadn’t done what I did, I wouldn’t be here. And I always value those opportunities that were given to me to enrich my experience and my career in general.

-What remains of that Lourdes who opted to leave her country to pursue an uncertain dream at that time, but today bear fruit?

When I left my beautiful Dominican Republic, I did so with the desire and plan to return. I wanted to be a great journalist in order to return to my country and serve my community there, but God had other plans, even bigger than I could have ever imagined. God gave me the opportunity to serve my country… but outside of it.

And despite the fact that so many years have passed, I am and continue to be that young woman who carried a mourning in her heart and many dreams to conquer; that she left her country with blurred eyes, in tears, because she had lost her mother. I am the same young woman who always wanted to grow up and who was very clear that my role in this world is to serve those who listen to me or see me, telling them news, entertaining them, and even on a few occasions, making them laugh.

But I’m not one of those people who focuses on what I’ve done… I focus on what I still have to conquer. And if I have learned anything, it is that we should let life surprise us at any age.

And if you ask me… there are still many fruits to reap, first with God.

“When I hear my accent and receive a kind word, for me it is the greatest thing, it is the greatest prize, it is a gift for which I am grateful”lourdes stephencommunicator

—How do you feel about the opening that is being given to Dominican talent on platforms as important as Telemundo, Univision, Netflix and others?

I feel that it was time for more spotlights to be directed at our Dominican talents. I have the honor of meeting great representatives of our country and hopefully we can open doors for those who come after. For me it is a great pride and immense satisfaction when I see and recognize a compatriot in important positions that make our country shine. And from there comes the importance of also supporting and helping each other, especially when we are abroad.

It is imperative that the Dominican abroad feels the support of the Dominican over there and likewise the Dominican abroad also feels the friendly hand of the compatriot who is with them. That is vital. Perhaps people do not understand the magnitude of my words, but in my case, when I hear my accent and receive a kind word, for me it is the greatest thing, it is the greatest prize, it is a gift for which I am always very grateful.

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Lourdes Stephen. (SUPPLIED)

You are a woman without fear of challenges and changes. In your first exit from Univision three years ago, you bet on your YouTube channel with interviews in your style with various personalities and experts on topics of interest. What do you have to say to those people who do not take a step in their lives for fear of leaving their comfort zone??

I feel that one must be honest with oneself, know how to open our eyes and look in the mirror to see where we are and, more importantly, where we want to go. What is it that we are passionate about and makes us happy? Why are we not there?

Sometimes you have to take a step of faith… I have taken it on multiple occasions in my life because I have listened to my heart, I have headed towards the paths that I am passionate about and, above all, I have prepared myself.

I have trusted God and asked him to always be my guide and put something in my heart that is consistent with the plan he has for me.

Be aware that sometimes those roads are not like a clear highway… There are plugs, constructions that lead us to detours and the occasional dead end street. But, having said that, I ask all readers to remember that when a path is closed to them, smile, because it was not that way. Don’t be discouraged, don’t let a pebble get in your way and don’t let others determine what your success should be.

Never stop fighting for what you want, never stop preparing for what you want, never stop dreaming, because if there is something that I want you to keep from this interview, it is that dreams do come true! And if you don’t believe it, look at me… by the grace of God I am living one of the greatest moments of my life… and if I did it, you can do it too!

lourdes stephen

More than 3 decades on US Hispanic TV.

After arriving in the United States with the support and sacrifice of her father after the death of her mother, the Dominican got a job as a correspondent covering major events such as the fall of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.

Her work and charisma in front of the cameras made her worthy of people’s recognition, in addition to opening the doors of Primer Impacto in 2003 as national and international correspondent for the show in New York.

Since becoming part of the Univision family, Lourdes Stephen has not only been a presenter on Primer Impacto, but also on other shows such as Sal y Pimienta and Sin Rollo. She graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana, also known as UNIBE, with a degree in Public Relations. Eventually, she settled in the United States and earned a master’s degree in journalism from Boston University.

This year the award-winning journalist joins Jessica Carrillo as co-host of Telemundo’s show Al Rojo Vivo.

Dominican journalist with experience in print and digital media. He trained in the area of ​​digital marketing and digital journalism. He also has television experience.

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