Louse to Sporting de Gijón? Herrera will reject offers for TriMediotiempo

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The sporting gijon fired Abelardo Fernandezafter failing to achieve the expected results, as they aim to climb to the First Division of Spain, today they are ranked 15 out of 22 in their category.

Thus, in Spain the name of michael herrera as the number one candidate to fill the position of the club that belongs to Orlegi Group; Nevertheless, The lice I wasn’t even aware of this.

It was through one of his daughters that he found out about the rumour, but he considers that it is just that, since no one has contacted him from Sporting de Gijón.

And even if they call him, Herrera is very clear about his main objective: the Mexican National Team. He told it to halftime“there is no rush” and will wait as long as necessary, so it will not accept any offer from another team to be free for the Tricolor.

“Wait, the truth is that I have no offer (from Sporting de Gijón), they spoke to me before the end of last year to see something of arabian there of Qatar, I told them no, in my head I was expecting something else; wait, I’m not in a hurry to make a crazy decision, the truth is that my name is mentioned in several places, people have spoken to me that interest me MLS It’s a pretty attractive league, but today I’m going to wait for the selection process”.

What if they don’t call?

Herrera is not afraid of losing offers by waiting for the Mexican teambecause he is convinced that there will be a project to start in case his wish to return to El Tri is not granted.

“If it doesn’t happen, I’ll see what interesting project comes next, either in Mexico or abroad… they haven’t talked to me (about Sporting de Gijón), about the national team either, I haven’t delivered anything (project) either, we have to wait, there’s no rush, the Obviously, the selection for March must have a coach, we have to wait for them to decide who it will be, ”Herrera confessed in a halftime interview.

El Piojo stopped directing after being eliminated with tigers in the Quarterfinals of the Apertura 2022with a 2-2 aggregate against Pachuca that benefited the Tuzos by position in the table; later he was fired and traveled to Qatar World Cup 2022 as analyst of Telemundo.

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