Love and death: the story of Candy Montgomery arrives on HBO this April 27

On April 27, a new crime series based on the Candy Montgomery case will premiere on HBO Max ‘Love and Death’. A Texas woman who had an affair with her neighbor’s husband, whom she later hacked to death with more than 40 blows, and who, despite all the evidence against her, was found not guilty.

‘Love and Death’ is actually a miniseries. There will be seven chapters in total released weekly, although the first three will all be available on April 27.

Written by screenwriter David E. Kelley, creator of stories like Big Little Lies (2017-2019) or The Undoing (2020), and also with Nicole Kidman as executive producer. The series from the trailer intrigues. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can take a look here.

Elizabeth Olsen is the protagonist of the series playing the role of Candy Montgomery and Jesse Plemons as the husband of the victim. ‘Love and Death’ is not the only production based on this story. The case – happened more than 40 years ago in 1980 – was known to the masses thanks to the book ‘Evidence of love: a story of passion and death in the suburbs’ from 1984, a bestseller by journalists John Bloom and Jim Atkinson .

Then, in 1990, the book was adapted into the TV movie ‘Criminal Involvement’ and a couple of decades later, in 2022, Hulu launched the series ‘Candy: Texas Murder Starring Jessica Biel’.

The series was under the direction of Leslie Linka Glatter in almost all its chapters. She describes ‘Love and Death’ as ​​a story about women and men of the time who did everything right, but even with the perfect life, the gaps make their appearance,
“They got married at 20, had kids, moved to the suburbs, built the house of their dreams. So why do they feel so deeply empty inside? Why is there a hole in their heart? She makes up her mind horrible to fill that void,” he explains in an interview with Vanity Fair.

In real life, Candy Montogomery is now 73 years old and a therapist. After the trial she left the city where she lived due to the massive scrutiny of her life in the media and the contempt of her neighbors who yelled at her Murderer! On the other hand, the family of Betty Gore, the deceased woman, is not at all thrilled with the news of a new series that revives the case. For them it is unfortunate that interest in an event that happened more than 40 years ago is still awake.

Now, will ‘Love and Death’ meet expectations in audiovisual terms? We will know soon.

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