Love and Thunder, Chris Hemsworth on the challenges of making the new Marvel sequel


The filming of Thor: Love and Thunder proceeds shipped to Australian land, but Chris Hemsworth is aware of the challenges involved in making a new sequel in a film saga as popular as that of the God of Thunder.

After reviving a franchise that seemed to have stalled past round two, Thor: Ragnarok Taika Waititi director took charge of continue the work with Thor: Love and Thunder, bringing the Thor saga to be the most prolific among those dedicated to the individual Avengers.

But an operation of this type is not without challenges and pressures, as the Thunder God interpreter Chris Hemsworth also points out.

There is the same, if not even greater pressure to do something like this again ” Hemsworth explained to GQ Australia “This is why we are pervaded by an energy full of enthusiasm but also a bit of nervousness that motivates us even more to want to go further and make sure that all the stages are respected and that the scenes chosen to tell the story are approached in the the most appropriate way“.


And of course, theadd new life to the cast of the film, like Guardians of the Galaxy actor Chris Pratt, can only help: “He’s a really awesome guy, has a really crazy spontaneity and sense of humor, and he can come up with some really cool ideas. It’s fun, an inspiration, but it also intimidates you, in a way“.

To see the final result, however, we will have to wait until next February, when Thor: Love and Thunder will make its big screen debut.


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