Love at the terminus, Cardi B and Offset broke up?


It’s already over there love story between Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar and Kiari Kendrell Cephus, better known as Cardi B And Offset. The two American rappers, convolati a wedding in great secrecy on September 20 last year, they suddenly said goodbye. To announce it, like A bolt from the blue, was the American singer, who through a video on Instagram he revealed the reasons for the separation: «We are still on excellent terms but we are no longer in loveHe said, “it’s nobody’s fault.”


Cardi B, the naked photos after giving birth

In the comments, however, many fans question the truthfulness of the words of Cardi B, who had already staged some in the past jokes through his Instagram page. On the other hand, it is precisely there that she has established herself: former stripper of New York locals, it has become queen of social networks and reality shows, then with Bodak Yellow became the first solo rapper in the last 20 years to arrive at the top of the rankings sales, surpassing even sacred music monsters such as Beyoncé and Taylor Swift.

Cardi B and Offset, a member of the hip pop trio Migos, they met in January 2017, during a professional collaboration: they worked together on the song «LickAnd they liked each other so much that they decided to to get married a few months later, without telling anyone. The voice of one their relationship, however, became more and more insistent in a short time, so the couple surrendered to the evidence and during an episode of the Saturday Night Live also announced at the same time of expect a child.

The first for Cardi B, the fourth for Offset: little Kulture she was born on July 10, sending her parents into raptures. “She is very demanding», Declared the artist shortly after giving birth. “I’m not used to taking orders, but she is really my boss“. But now the two rappers, who just a few days ago had performed together with the Jingle Ball from 102.7 KIISFM, seem to have taken different paths: «I tried to make things work», She says in the video,« but I didn’t succeed and now we are not together anymore“.

Although some fans, still can hardly believe it …


Cardi B became a mother

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