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The newlyweds wanted to surprise their guests with a daring performance. The record quickly went viral on the TikTok platform.

As if it were the iconic scene starring Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson in The Hunger Gamesa couple left their wedding ceremony engulfed in flames.

This daring performance was performed by Gabe Jessop Y Ambyr Bambyrtwo American actors who work as professional stuntmen and who have extensive experience performing risky acts in movies.

The newlyweds met at work and wanted to surprise their guests with an unforgettable wedding show.

At the beginning of the video, you can see how they set fire to the bride’s bouquet of flowers, while they walk quietly to the rhythm of the well-known melody of The pirates of the caribbean.

Then, two explosive devices detonate on their backs, quickly engulfing the pair in flames, both of whom maintain a happy expression throughout.

At the end of their walk, Ambyr and Gabe knelt as a group of people sprayed fire extinguishers at them to put out the layer of fire that covered them.

The record of the risky maneuver was shared Russ PowellDJ and wedding planner, on his TikTok account and currently has about 15.3 million views and more of 2.5 million interactions.

“Her wedding outing makes sparklers look boring,” Powell wrote in the post.

To carry out the trick, the couple had all the necessary security equipment. The bride wore a wig to cover her hair, and both used special clothing and anti-scald gel on skin exposed to the flames.


Ambyr & Gabe met on set. Their wedding exit makes sparklers look boring 🔥

♬ He’s a Pirate & Jack Sparrow (From “Pirates of the Caribbean”) – David Solís

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