Low gasoline? Arturo Vidal’s stepdaughter recharges you

Arturo Vidal’s stepdaughter made a curious technical stop to refuel… At TORK, we’ll tell you about it.

Daniela Isaac is the stepdaughter of Arturo vidaldue to the courtship that his mother, Sonia Isaac carries with the Chilean steering wheel. Coming from Colombia, Daniela has an Instagram that is increasing in number of followers. Following in the footsteps of her mother, the beautiful young lady is usually very active on the networks.

Through it, we have been able to see different Chariots of “King” Arthurin images that raise the beats of your followers. These cars are luxury protagonists in plans such as going to see a game of his stepfather or going out to dinner. It is that Daniela has made it very clear to us that she is not afraid to drive the soccer player’s cars.

For example, on one of those night outings and as we have already shown you in TORKthe Colombian was photographed with the Vidal’s Ferrari 488 Spider. Something that generated a lot of commotion among her followers, some encouraging the young Instagramer and others, even criticizing the athlete of the Chilean team… insinuating that it was crazy to entrust such a car to someone so young.

Daniela Isaza with Vidal’s Ferrari

But in this case, Daniela was in the news for another issue related to the “king” cars. It turns out that the young blogger shared an image with the following title: “Does anyone need to tank their car?��” to which the comments did not take long to rain. Some fans answering him: Yes! me! either to me please! and others as with the previous image, criticizing it.

Vidal’s stepdaughter loading fuel

In short, if there is one thing that there is no doubt about, it is that Daniela’s pulse does not tremble because of what they will say about her followers or those of her stepfather. She keeps a steady pace making noise with the family luxury cars. On this occasion and after investigating a little, we believe that it is the volvo truck Arthur’s daily

Its about Volvo XC90 of the Chilean and it is perhaps the model that goes unnoticed the most among the rest of the cars in which he pawned approximately one million euros. In this case, he chose it in shiny black and it is estimated that he could have paid almost a few 50 thousand euros for the vehicle.

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