Lucas Bravo, the heartthrob of Emily in Paris, is now an Armani model

the parade of Giorgio Armani is always one of the most anticipated of the men’s fashion week in Milan that ended a few hours ago to make way for the day of shows in Paris. And this year was no exception, especially since it featured a front row of celebrities among whom stood out Lucas Bravothe gallant of Lily Collins in Emily in Paris, a series that is preparing its third season.

Armani's new tailoring.  (Photo: AFP)
Armani’s new tailoring. (Photo: AFP)

Giorgio Armani, the most elegant

Against the onslaught of “streetwear” and informal dress, Giorgio Armani defended elegance in all seasons. In his spring-summer 2023 collection, the designer of 87 years he mixed classics with more unusual looks, as the fashion world demands. Offering elegance is increasingly a lonely job. “I don’t know when we will feel the loss of the man who goes through life with this refinement,” said the creator after the parade.

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For your main line, Armani focused on casual and relaxed suitss, for day or night. There was movement in loose trousers and jackets, but also in graphic prints repeated that created the effect of waves. Printed looks are insistently modern.

Patterned suits that are trending.  (Photo: AFP)
Patterned suits that are trending. (Photo: AFP)

“It is true that it’s nice to see a man well dressed in a suit. But it’s also good to see the evolution of fashion. Bring the basics, I always have in my life. It is also true that (the market) demands novelty,” Armani said.

On that front, Armani created long tunic topsas well as jackets and shirts with a shine rarely seen in menswear. A well-knotted foulard replaced a shirt under an open jacket. A scarf provided a sweeping effect over a white suit.

Lucas Bravo: from “Emily in Paris“ to the Giorgio Armani fashion show in Milan

The color palette was based on the combination of white and navymelting into brilliant shades of blue and gray before exploding into combinations of purple, pink and seafoam green.

The shine was the protagonist of the collection.  (Photo: AFP)
The shine was the protagonist of the collection. (Photo: AFP)

The footwear of the season is a unassuming espadrille, which replaces the sneaker, and which Armani himself wore with an ironic laugh. The caps were brimless, all the better to show the face. “Acceptable. Credible. Safer”, Armani said to summarize the collection.

New Armani silhouettes and colors for them.  (Photo: AFP)
New Armani silhouettes and colors for them. (Photo: AFP)

Harry Styles, the other protagonist

In addition to the Giorgio Armani fashion show, Milan Fashion Week had another event that made the press and networks talk: the presentation of the capsule collection of Harry Styles and Guccia brand for which the singer has been an ambassador for several years.

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