Lucerito Mijares says goodbye to her curls and surprises with a radical change of look

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Lucerito Mijaresthe youngest daughter of Lucero and Manuel Mijares, has managed to win the affection of the public with his talent, despite the fact that he has not made his official launch as an artist. A characteristic feature of the young woman is undoubtedly her beautiful curly hair, so in the last hours on social networks He stole all the eyes of Internet users by showing off a radical change of look with which he highlights the features that he has similar to those of his mother.

Thanks to all the people who do theater because they have introduced me to a world that I love, that inspires me, fills me with magic and makes me so happy! May the theater never die! I love them. PS I missed a lot of photos but they don’t fit! Bye,” the 17-year-old wrote at the bottom of a series of photos showing her transformation.

Lucerito Mijares and his radical change of look. Photo: Instagram @luceromijaresoficial

To the surprise of many, Lucerito Mijares’ image change was not finalit was a straight blonde wig, which was part of one of the many costumes that she has used in the plays she has participated in.

In one of the photos he published, he is seen wearing a reddish hair, with which he participated a few months ago in the play “The cage of the crazy”.

Lucerito Mijares in “The cage of the crazy”. Photo: Instagram @luceromijaresoficial

As it was expected, The young woman’s followers reacted with positive messages praising her beauty. Among those are the one dedicated to him by his mother, bright Starwho highlighted the love that her daughter has for the theater, so she has no doubt that she will soon be able to conquer the stage.

“A world of art and magic. What joy it gives me that you love something so much, that being so young you have that passion that leads you to pursue and achieve your dreams,” he wrote.

Lucerito Mijares has declared his love for the theater.
Photo: Instagram @luceromijaresoficial

“What a father! I love to know that you love the theater!! A magical place and once you’re on stage you can’t stop! Long live the theater!!”; “Many congratulations Lucerito, it is the best to do what you like the most, a big hug from a distance, love blessings always for all of you”, were some comments from Internet users.

About some months ago, Lucerito Mijares has declared his love for the theater, However, for now he has not dedicated himself to this art because he has to finish his high school studies and then choose what he wants to study.

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