Lucero appreciates that Mijares did not seek advice like Johnny Depp in his divorce

Lucero and Mijares parted ways in 2011, but that hasn’t stopped them from collaborating professionally; in fact, they live in the same subdivision and live together healthily for their two children. During the presentation of his tour Until we were done, Mijares said he had never thought of a lawsuit or legal advice after his divorce with Lucero, to which the singer replied: “You see, you would have asked Johnny Depp,” he said joking. “How ugly that there are couples who have these problems, although I think there are many who put them together to make themselves known, like the slap at the Oscars and stuff,” added Lucero.

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Ignacio López Tarso is strong assures Aracely Arámbula

The legend of Mexican cinema, Ignacio López Tarso, left the hospital a week ago; The actor has had communication with Aracely Arámbula, with whom he has a good friendship since they shared the stage in the play “Picasso” and who confirmed that he is in good health. “He is already at home, he is very strong May López Tarso live 100 more years, please,” said the actress, at the beginning of recordings of the telenovela “La madrastra,” which will have a new version.

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Alex Syntek is not forgiven for his past

The singer Aleks Syntek was accused in 2018 of having made insinuations to an Instagram user, something that he considered was taken out of context. And although four years have passed, Twitter users reminded him of that episode, now that he collaborates as a mentor in “La academia”, the Azteca reality show… “I’m watching the #academy and I realized that Aleks Syntek is the mentor … do not go overboard, ”said the user @Chocholina4


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