Lucero reveals the BEST anti-aging secret that does restore porcelain skin at 50 and 60

bright Star She is one of the actresses and singers most loved by the Mexican public who have always admired her beauty and charisma. And it seems that the years do not pass by the famous that she continues to keep her beauty intact However, what many do not know is that Lucero has a well kept secret that helps you stay young and stop the premature aging. Keep reading and we’ll tell you what it’s all about.

The 53-year-old artist surprises her fans with how good she looks, as she looks up to 20 years younger. But, what is Lucero’s secret to having eternal youth? well in Panorama We have just discovered that the famous woman joined the trend of ice therapy either cryotherapy And we already have all the details.

Lucero reveals the ANTI-AGING secret that will make her look 30 to 50

Through her Instagram account, the bride from Mexico shared with her followers what her anti-aging secret is that does restore her Porcelain skin that makes you look 30 to 50, we mean aesthetic cryotherapy.

The singer shared a photograph where we see her enter a tub with ice, a practice that has been gaining popularity among celebrities. “Here is proof that I do get into the ice,” Lucero wrote next to the image that immediately aroused the curiosity of his followers.

Lucero cryotherapy
Lucero practices cryotherapy that does rejuvenate instantly | IG: @lucerodemexico

This practice consists of entering a tub with ice water and staying inside for a few minutes in order to help the skin recover its elasticity and eliminate wrinkles.

What are the benefits of ice therapy or aesthetic cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a technique that uses very low temperatures to help the active ingredients of the serum penetrate better and achieve a greater effect in treatments to combat flaccidity, wrinkles and redness, in addition to providing luminosity to the face.

Skin tone is improved, becoming smoother and looking better, healthier and more beautiful, and interesting skin rejuvenation occurs, with a reduction in wrinkles and blemishes on the face and neck.

According to experts, some of the benefits of cryotherapy are the following:

  • Firms the skin, avoiding sagging of your body
  • Firms the tissues
  • Improves and fights cellulite
  • Reduce sizes
  • Helps stimulate blood circulation

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Although scientific studies are still needed to reveal all the benefits of cryotherapy and to indicate the exact number of minutes that should be spent on ice, for the moment, it is a technique that celebrities such as Madonna, Harry Styles and Lady Gaga already implement. Remember that, before carrying out this practice, you should consult your doctor, because if you get to practice cryotherapy without medical supervision, you also run the risk of suffering hypothermia, arrhythmias or heart attacks due to the initial shock or hyperventilation that can lead to drowning

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