Lucero: This was the real reason why he divorced Mijares

It’s been a little over 12 years since Lucero and Manuel Mijares announced their divorce through a statement, however, there are still many people who do not know what were the reasons that led the mediatic couple to make the drastic decision to separateso here’s everything we know about the breakup that caused quite a stir in the middle of the show.

“America’s Bride” and “The Soldier of Love” They started dating in the mid-1990s when they were both top music celebrities in Mexico, so the news of their romance thrilled thousands of Mexicans, who closely followed the media relationship and after little more than a year of dating, they decided to get married and said event was recorded in the memory of thousands of people because their wedding was broadcast through the Televisa signal, confirming themselves as the most mediatic couple of the moment.

Lucero and Mijares were married in 1997. Photo: Special

The relationship between Lucero and Mijares seemed to be a fairy tale and happiness increased even more when they became parentshis firstborn was Jose Manuel, who is currently 20 years old and years later they welcomed Luceritowho turned 17 a couple of months ago and is already a celebrity on social networks.

Although it seemed that the Mijares Hogaza family lived in a fantasy, everything changed in the year 2010 when the rumor of their imminent separation began to spreadbut the couple denied it on different occasions, however, It was until March 2011 when they issued a statement confirming their separationHowever, they asked for respect and not to go into details, so they did not explain at the time the situation that had forced them to end their relationship.

Why did Lucero de Mijares get divorced?

Because the former couple decided to keep quiet about their separation All kinds of speculations have been generated about their divorce, However, little by little, data has come to light that explains why they ended up apart and that is that, as they have declared, They decided not to talk about it openly for the sole purpose of protecting their children.

According to statements made by Mijares, his separation from Lucero originated because both had a heavy workload and because of this they hardly saw each other anymore, so little by little the flame of love went out and when it finally died out, they decided to separate, staying as good friends.

Lucero and Mijares are still great friends. Photo: Special

As mentioned before, the separation of Lucero and Mijares it was by mutual agreement and after their separation they haven’t had a single problem Well, they found a way to stay very close to keep their family relationship intact since it is a bond that they will always share.

It is worth mentioning that on different occasions they have been questioned about the possibility of giving each other a second chance as a coupleHowever, they have completely ruled it out because they have stated that they are very respectful of their respective partners.


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