Lucía Méndez and Eduardo Yañez flirt, will they resume their courtship?

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Lucia Mendez Prior to receiving his recognition for his 50 years of career at The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, California, he recalled to the media his experiences in melodramas, revealing that he received the best kiss from Eduardo Yañez in the famous melodrama, “Marielena” where They had a brief courtship.

Eduardo Yáñez kisses very well on television. I’m not telling you to give you a French kiss, but he knows how to kiss very well, what is called the “sucking kiss”, that’s what they called him before, so Eduardo Yáñez marks his kisses very well, “he said in an interview.

Given the mischievous comments of the actress, in the program “Gossip No Like”, the heartthrob of melodramas was questioned about what he thinks of the compliments issued by the actress: “Thank you very much Lucía, you also kiss very well”commented.

She is a great friend, a person you can count on, super nice, a great actress, an excellent singer… a woman who has left her life on stage and whom I respect and love with all my heart”he added in the interview.

Glimpsing that the actors could open up to a relationship beyond the sets since in multiple interviews Lucía Méndez has revealed that she is open to love, despite the fact that she has had great disappointments with Pepe Torres and Luis Miguel.

While Eduardo Yañez is also single, although he is a flirt since this is not the first time, that the 61-year-old actor flatters his co-stars since he previously did it with Gaby Spanicwhich is his partner in “Corazón Guerrero”.

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