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Michael Caine is actually Sir Michael Caine. The British actor deserved the title of sir granted to him by Elizabeth II, her queen. An honor… for the queen. Michael Caine is a giant. This week he turned 90 years old and many, upon reading his name in the headlines, feared the worst. But no, he is very much alive and celebrating life in a London Italian restaurant accompanied by the biggest box office star, Tom Cruise. Two very different actors united by one thing, the love of making movies. Michael Caine is a craftsman of interpretation. He is always measured, adjusted, typecast in the role of the phlegmatic British, and well typecast because he always does it well. Film buff Toni Vall is a specialist in remembering the best movies of each actor:

Another actor, David Walliams, has posted photos of the birthday dinner on Instagram and the paparazzi have revealed that Michael Caine, who is obviously very old, has his usual lucidity but problems walking, and he does so with the help of a walker, of a taca taca. Nothing that detracts from the majesty of a cinema myth like Sir Michael:

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To take in the filmography of Michael Caine is to travel to nostalgia, happiness and art: from the best butler in BatmanAlfred, in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, to myths like The footprintfrom the best voice we remember from The rules of the Cider HouseGood evening, princes of Maine, kings of New England.” to Escape or Victory, Alfie, Kingsman, Tenet, Origin, the father of Austin Powers, Trouble in Rio, one of the best Woody Allen in Hanna and her sisters, Dunkirkhero to the sequel Shark, Sean Connery couple in The man who could reign Sandra Bullock’s teacher at Miss Special Agent, or more recently in the fabulous interstellar. He’s in all the good movies of the last 50 years. Myth. And live. He owes us one last film performance. Reason to say to the box office again: two for the Michael Caine movie, row 7.

Auctioned part of his estate

The collection of objects, called ‘Sir Michael Caine: The Personal Collection’ through the English house Bonhams. “The sale of the collection will arouse great interest among collectors and movie fans alike,” said the auction house, which describes Michael Caine as “an international film legend and a national treasure here in the UK. United”. The winner of two Oscars, secondary by The cider house rules and Hanna and her sisters, ensured that the auction of valuable objects it was not for economic necessitysince he has a fortune that exceeds 70 million euros, but by a consensus that he has reached with his wife.

Michael Caine and his wife

With 115 movies under his belt, the legendary actor confessed that in his early days he drank a bottle of vodka a day, and smoked several packs of cigarettes daily. However, Michael Caine managed to quit smoking for good several years ago, and recently said that he decided to reduce alcohol consumption to enjoy your grandchildren more. “I have decided to live a little longer, have cut back on drinking and have a new outlook on life. I thought I wasn’t going to have grandchildren and suddenly I have three,” saidpraised the artist in a recent interview.

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