Lucien Laviscount, heartthrob of ‘Emily in Paris’, affirms that Lily Collins is the best set partner

‘Emily in Paris’ became one of the Netflix’s most successful seriesSince its premiere, and the second season was no exception. Her excellent production and above all, her taste for Parisian fashion made this production one of the favorites of women and why not, also of some men.

But in addition to that, the characters of the series completely stole the attention due to the good vibes they gave off, and that, apparently, did not only stay on the recording set. Lucien Laviscount, who plays Alfie in the series ‘Emily in Paris’states that Lily Collins She is the best colleague and production manager.

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In an exclusive interview for the Daily Mail, the handsome british actor He pointed out that the television series was one of the most difficult personal challenges in his acting life, however, he was surrounded by a team of actors who welcomed him with open arms, which was headed by Lily Collins.

It came with these pressures: I come in the second season of a massive show and I was in Paris for the first time. That place is, honestly, it’s like a museum with the roof removed. It was honestly one of the most amazing moments of my life.”he gushed.

The 29 year old actor joined the second season of the series as the love interest of Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) and praised the protagonist for her grace on the set: “She was so lovely. She’d done like a 14-hour day and she jumped in and she was still as cheerful and lovely as ever, as I expected. Emily, but with this crudeness she’s also Lily, who is like this boss in her own right.”

He added, “We just chatted for about 45 minutes. From that point on, I thought, ‘This is going to be fun. At the same time, we are going to work hard and get the job done. She welcomes everyone with open arms. Whatever set you go to, start with whoever is leading the team. He runs it so gracefully: it’s a beautiful setting.”

In January of this year, fans of ‘Emily In Paris’ they were delighted to learn that the series had been renewed for a third and fourth installment. The 29-year-old Lucien, while coy about the future of his character, joked, “If Alfie has more stories to tell and more trips for Emily, great!”

In addition to his work on the Lily Collins series, Lucien also paid special tribute to the show’s director, Darren Star, who is also behind the reboot of ‘Sex And The City, And Just Like That…’, with whom he worked on the series and who was in charge of giving life and personality to Aflie, who immediately became one of the spoiled .

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“She is an icon within the television space. I feel so grateful and lucky that Darren has allowed me to bring him to life,” he said. Lucien’s additional credits include grangehill, where he first rose to fame, and ‘Waterloo Road’, where he played high school student Jonah Kirby from September 2010 to April 2011.

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