Luis de León: Uniting PLD and Fuerza del Pueblo is key to winning in 2024

President of the Boschista Force, faithful follower of the ideals of Professor Juan Bosch and founder of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Luis de León, a candidate for the presidential candidacy with the purple party, is clear that in order to win the 2024 elections what is needed is unity.

The north of Luis de León is the unit, but not only of the PLD internally, but of all the organizations that share the ideals of the professor and founder Juan Bosch.

And this group also includes Fuerza del Pueblo, a party created from the internal division of the PLD after the departure of former president Leonel Fernández. “In our proposal we have a fundamental pillar: To propose the unity of the PLD, the internal unity of the PLD, and the unity from the PLD with all the social political forces, the political parties and with the People’s Force,” he said.

For the politician, who is a founding member of the PLD, only the unity of all would guarantee victory in future elections and, therefore, that is his main proposal for the purple party’s public consultation this month.

“We propose that no one wins alone, the PLD has always won as a community and at this crucial moment in the country’s history of the present governability, we have stated that unity is essential based on three factors. A first factor described by De León is the unity of the PLD after the division, to reunite with the People’s Force and “prevent the country from continuing to slide or retreat.”

The second factor, he said, is the unity of “all the political parties” to prevent the present governability from “generating a national confrontation and dragging with the current institutional, constitutional and democratic order because the present administration is an improvisation.”

“While number three is unity, because the Dominican Republic has a big problem in the context of the war, the world crisis generated by the war, the economic crisis, and its aftermath, which has created the pandemic and the crisis. of our problem with Haiti, which if it is not the first problem is the second, but one of the biggest problems that the country has at the moment and we, as a full member of the Duartian Institute, are calling marches throughout the country patriotic,” De León said.

“Fortunes” are not everything

For Luis de León, aspiring to a political position requires service and political vocation and not money, as he believes people think.

“We present ourselves as a candidate for the Presidency to also tell the political class of the country, of Latin America, of the Caribbean, that what they necessarily have to aspire to is not those who have great economic fortunes,” he said. “Many times they are ill-gotten fortunes” and that were the product of drug trafficking, drugs, state corruption… ill-gotten money, in a general sense,” he said.

“People believe that to do politics and to get there, you have to have a lot of money and people also believe that success depends on money, success does not depend on money, it depends on knowledge, education, values, culture . Money is a means but not a means to use it, but to serve others”, she stated.

“We now feel highly convinced that the people who have received us throughout the country, have valued us, and have told us that they have faith in us for what has been our example of life,” he said.

Why vote for Luis?

“Modesty aside, but we have been disciples of Professor Juan Boasch for a lifetime, I am the founder of the Boschist Force, an emulator of his ethical and moral value in the PLD. He has had a long political career since his foundation without vacations, without pauses, without expulsions, always happy participating in all the processes. in most of the electoral processes, in a part of them aspired to trustee, deputy, senator, and nobody has known me anything that the people, society, or the party, have to repent for my behavior and my attitude.

De León is a native of Juan Gómez, municipality of Guayubín, province of Montecristi, has a degree in Education, mention in Philosophy and Letters, and has a doctorate in Educational Sciences.

During the PLD governments, Luis de León served as Vice Minister of Education, and has more than 40 years of militancy in the purple party, of which he is a member of the Central Committee.

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Luis De León is a native of the northwestern community of Juan Gómez, belonging to the municipality of Guayubín, in the Monte Cristi province. He has a degree in Education, mention in Philosophy and Letters and also has a doctorate in Educational Sciences.


During the governments of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Luis de León served as deputy minister of the Ministry of Education, and has more than 40 years of militancy in the purple party, of which he is a member of the Cosmité Central.

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