Luis Fonsi: “Here we are better than ever”

Talkative, energetic and flirtatious, the illusion of meeting his audience again on Puerto Rican soil was present in the interpreter Luis Fonsi on Friday in the first of his two concerts of “Perfect Night Tour” at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum of Puerto Rico .

It took three years to return to the stage of one of the main venues in the country, so, in addition to the commitment to make his fans delirious with his songs, the singer bet on his charisma and took the opportunity to enjoy the musical evening as much as possible. with continuous interactions and the narrative of anecdotes.

The meeting, originally scheduled for February, anticipated the outpouring of romanticism that her songs boast of, and that prevailed at times among the enthusiastic public. But also, the motivation to dance with the rhythm promoted by other themes that make up his 23-year career, in which he has shown an evolution with a mixture of styles that range from ballads, pop, rock, to urban.

This is what the stage looked like at the Luis Fonsi concert, with a full house at the Puerto Rico Coliseum.
This is what the stage looked like at the Luis Fonsi concert, with a full house at the Puerto Rico Coliseum. (Alexander Granadillo)

The singer-songwriter started the show at 9:40 with the dance song “Dolce”, a single he released this year from his album “Ley degravida”. The repertoire of nearly twenty songs served to celebrate and review his musical career, which stood out professionally with his album “Comenzaré” in 1998, and which includes within his discography productions such as “Eterno” (2000), “Amor secret” (2002), “Embrace life” (2003), “Step by step” (2005), “Terra firme” (2011) and “Vida” (2019).

The show was marked by the choreography during the songs.
The show was marked by the choreography during the songs. (Alexander Granadillo)

The affable personality of the interpreter took over the stage to create an informal atmosphere with the audience that accompanied him to sing hits such as “Date la reto”, “Vacío”, “Vacaciones”, “Impossible”, “Aquí está yo” and “Nada it’s forever” -with which he showed off his knowledge on the guitar-.

“We arrived at Choli!” Celebrated the enthusiastic balladeer in a pause. “Thank you my people for being here tonight with us. Thank you for your patience. Here we are better than ever, healthy, thank God, with good music”, he affirmed, fueling the energy of those present.

“I hope you have a good time and thank you for celebrating this concert that you know what it means to me,” he continued. “Today is the first show of the tour, so we’re super excited up here. Those who know me know that I’m restless, I mix old songs with new ones… Let’s start straight to romance, vein cutter with one of my favorite songs”, he stated as a preamble to “It’s supposed to”.

“Girasoles” -which he launched in 2020 as a hopeful song after the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic-, “Party Animal” (which he sang with the chorus girl Miguelángel) and “Perfecta” also managed to be among the favorites of the crowd, which they were greeted with shouts and deafening applause.

Moving to the rhythm of choreographies is one of the aspects that Luis Fonsi usually enjoys, and that he executed in songs like “Dolce”, “Corazón en la suitcase” and “Calypso”.

The tour of its origins was carried out with the medley which included hits like “Imagine me without you”, “If you wanted”, “Who told you that” and “I wish I could forget about you”, among others.

“There are songs that come accompanied by something very special, something that makes you feel, that excites you for many reasons,” he said before surprising with the presence of the singer Ednita Nazario for the ballad “Se nos fue la mano.” The vocalist thanked her “she was the first artist who trusted me as a composer”, and invited her to also sing a duet “If you don’t love me”, popularized by the singer from Ponce.

Another of the night’s memorable moments was the participation of several students from the Escuela Libre de Música in San Juan, Caguas and Ponce for the song “I don’t give up.” The performance was motivated as part of his interest in assisting in education in various schools, which is why this month he made visits to deliver musical instruments donated by the foundation that bears his name. Student Janice Franco, from the Escuela Libre de Música de San Juan, accompanied him on the piano for “Nuestra balada”.

“This is a very special moment for me,” he said. “In recent times I have been working a lot with the students of Puerto Rico, the future musicians, because with the immense talent that there is in Puerto Rico… The importance of sacrifice, education, teachers… Thank you! masters!”, he highlighted, and invited to stand firm in the desire to excel in the artistic world.

The international success “Despacito”, long awaited in their shows, rocked the audience from its first chords. For the song, one of the most played on the YouTube video platform, he presented an arrangement fused with a more folk rhythm, with the integration of bomb barrels.

“Échame la culpa” was the theme that closed the interpreter’s evening before the enthusiastic public present.

The visual offer boasted seven large screens and a set of advanced technology lights, usual in this type of evening, which was complemented by pyrotechnic effects.

Luis Fonsi will repeat his meeting at the venue on Saturday.

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