Luis Fonsi takes us to his next musical ball: It feels like


The Puerto Rican shares with his followers the beat of his next song

luis fonsi

famous Puerto Rican artist has become One of the leading figures of Latin music. with a prosperous career two decades, luis fonsi A new musical era is set to begin.

Puerto Rican shared a preview of his next song Which has surprised the whole world. Although it is only about background score, looks like it will have a catchy tune and a promising beat. ,A lot of people have been asking me what the groove of the song would be like. I’m going to tell you a little bit what’s the rhythmFonsi announced in his video Instagram.

,Let’s see if he likes it…”The artist continued before reproducing the dance basis of his next work.

Luis Fonsi and his 25 year music career

Singer Luis Fonsi is powering up the stage with his Latin beats. The Puerto Rican’s career is already on hold, celebrating his 25 years of career. The artist reached a new level with the release of slowly in 2017, especially with the next version Justin Biber One who sets records of voyages youtube, gave this success Seven Guinness World Records and thus received recognition at the Billboard Latin Music Awards, the Lo Nuestro Awards and latin grammys, These achievements highlight Fonsi’s indelible influence on musicA, Connecting with a global audience through your talent and passion.

@cristinacevallos6 I still can’t get over the concert hahaha #luisfonsi #Riobamba #noerestusoyyo ♬ original sound – Cristina Cevallos

With a scintillating production, Fonsi incorporates into his live shows all the elements that most represent his art. In review of his successful career he gets Excite the masses with the most iconic songs from them slowly, blame me, calypso one of two i don’t give up, But at the same time, his recent successes are also central, such as leave or kiss meWhich creates an atmosphere of celebration everywhere.

If You Want to Remember Some of Louis Foni’s Classics, the Artist Will Be Appearing on the Next Vive Dial 14 September Vizink Center.

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