Luis Fonsi talks like never before about his divorce with Adamari López

The singer gave unpublished details of how he lived his separation from the actress

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Luis Fonsi talks like never before about his divorce with Adamari López

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In 2009, the confirmation of the separation between Adamari Lopez and Luis Fonsi It caused a stir and it is that after four years of marriage, the couple said at a press conference that their divorce was by mutual agreement and in good terms.

However, the separation caused controversy because it occurred in the midst of the battle against breast cancer that the actress was facing; In addition, much was said about how quickly the singer would have started a new relationship with Agueda Lopez, his now wife.

More than a decade after they put an end to their marriage and the controversy that is still being talked about, Luis Fonsi, shaken, was honest as never before about how he lived the separation with the soap opera star.

In an interview with the Chilean Martín Cácamo, the interpreter of ‘Despacito’ referred to this stage of his life as a hard moment, in addition, he stressed that it was not easy for either party.

“When you look back you say, ‘This was a tough time.’ And thanks to that, then this happened. Divorce is not fun for anyone,” he said.

Despite the speculations and remarks that were made at the time, the singer preferred not to reveal more details of what happened and limited himself to qualifying the moment as delicate.

“I won’t go into details because it is a very sensitive issue, but doing it publicly is twice as difficult because you have personal pain, and having to show your face and be asked and you don’t want to talk about it,” he said.

Luis Fonsi let between seeing his intentions of, at that time, giving his version; however, he preferred to protect his private life.

“Protecting the private side is difficult because many times you want to talk. I am a transparent guy. Who you see is who I am.”

About the way in which he would have started his relationship with Águeda López in the midst of his controversial separation with Adamari López, the singer was honest.

“I was starting to dare again, to go out and meet, at a very crazy moment in my life, where on the one hand I said: Don’t start falling in love again’. And on the other, I said: ‘It’s just what needed”.

Despite the fact that years ago, Adamari López told her story through a book in which she assured Luis Fonsi had been one of her greatest supporters but also one of those who made her feel one of the greatest pains, during a recent ceremony. By permission, the actress found herself face to face Águeda López, wife of her ex, who, revealed by television hosts, greeted cordially

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