Luis Fuentes comes out in defense of Henry Martín after criticism against him

Friday, May 13, 2022

During the going of the Quarterfinals of Clausura 2022 between Club Puebla and the America clubthe latter suffered the decline of Federico Vinas after a controversial defensive action by the fringeda situation that caused the Uruguayan to leave the exchange and they gave entry to Henry Martin instead, who squandered a clear opportunity for danger in favor of the Eagles and caused the goal against after a poor clearance. Given this, the criticism against the Mexican was forceful, but his partner, louis sourcesHe came out to defend him.

The side of the bluecream stated that although the absence of vineyards will be sensitive, they trust the capacity that it has Martin, affirming that within the group everyone is completely sure of what the rest of the classmates can do. He even commented that it is everyone’s responsibility to go on the attack, so Henry it is not solely responsible for rival networks being breached.

Fede’s is a sensitive loss, but Henry has shown his ability. Everyone on the team trusts each other and depends on each other. The first to attack is Memo and the first to defend is the striker. We have to trust our teammates because we are a team and we pull for the same side.

On the controversial injury of Federico Viñas

The way in which the Uruguayan attacker America was stepped on caused outrage in the environment of Coapa after Louis Henry Santander will not mark anything, but for louis sourcesthat should be left aside, because the group needs to focus on their work and collaborate together so that the campus grows and arrives until the Clausura 2022 Semifinals.

The greatness of this club will always be there regardless of the players who are there, it’s in history for a reason. On the refereeing issue, put it aside, focus on our work and the decisions made by the people in long pants and we focus on our work, which is to play soccer, do our bit, contribute individually and collectively so that the team grows .

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