Luis Miguel sent flowers to Carlos Bremner’s funeral Grupo Milenio

singer luis miguel Wreaths sent for funeral services of Monterrey businessman carlos bremerIn san pedro garza garcia,

was on the outskirts of Parish Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima that the photographer managed to capture the image of the arrangement Flowers.

It must be remembered that the artist and the businessman had a very close relationship, and even the now deceased Bremer was the one who helped him return to the stage and solve the financial crisis he was going through.

What did Carlos Bremner do to help Luis Miguel’s career?

In a surprising turn in the career of famous singer Luis Miguel, a group of close friends has intervened to save “Sol de México” from its financial problems.

The Mexican music idol was facing a lawsuit for non-compliance with tours and album recordings, in addition to dealing with considerable debt and losing 80 percent of his fortune.

Beneficiaries included Monterrey businessman Carlos Bremner and renowned boxer Saul “Canelo” Álvarez, who devised a plan to revive Luis Miguel’s artistic career and resolve Luis Miguel’s financial difficulties.

The proposal was presented during a fight in Las Vegas, where Carlos Slim Domit and Miguel Alemán Magnani, who were very good friends of the singer, also joined the project.

Luis Miguel’s financial problems resulted in the production of a film that would depict the life of the iconic artist in great detail.

How much did Carlos Bremner contribute to the revival of Luis Miguel’s career?

Each investor contributed five million dollars, giving life to the successful biographical series titled “Luis Miguel La Serre”.

The proposal, which was supervised by Luis Miguel himself, became a television phenomenon, attracting the attention of a public eager to know the most intimate details of the singer’s life, including the mysterious disappearance of his mother, Marcela Bastieri. Included.

With this strategic intervention of his close friends, Luis Miguel’s career was not only revived, but he also established himself as one of the most influential artists on the Latin American music scene.


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