Luis Quiñones and ‘Diente’ López, separated by André-Pierre Gignac

Quiñones and ‘Diente’ López complained excessively and Gignac had to intervene

Luis Quinones and Nicolas Lopezplayers of tigersthey faced each other on the field of Aztec stadium after the ‘Tooth’ decided to shoot on goal Blue Cross instead of assisting the Colombian, who went to look for the Uruguayan to claim him, but he arrived Andre-Pierre Gignac to separate them.

The play was presented at minute 50 in the first leg of the quarterfinals between Blue Cross Y tigers. Andre-Pierre Gignac gave in to Nicholas Lopezwho decided to shoot at the goal of Sebastian Juradodespite the fact that Luis Quiñones was unmarked in the center.

After that play, the Uruguayan and the Colombian faced each other on the field of Aztec stadiumfor the decision made by the ‘Tooth’, until he arrived Andre-Pierre Gignac to separate them and ask them to stay focused on the game.

Just seven minutes later, ‘Tooth’ Lopez He was expelled for a kick he gave to louis abramdefense of Blue Crosswho remained lying on the pitch while being treated by the Machine’s medical staff.

The action of ‘Tooth’ Lopez with the Peruvian center-back, she was first sanctioned with a yellow card. However, after Fernando Hernandezcentral referee of the match, changed his mind and took the red card that he left to tigers with 10 men.

While the match was stopped, due to the review of the play between López and Abram, Gignac took the opportunity to approach both players. He first did it with ‘Diente’ and later with Quiñones, to whom he asked for calm, not knowing that minutes later the Uruguayan would be expelled.

López did not protest the red card and immediately went to the locker room of the Aztec stadium, situation different from the reaction of Michael Herrerawho was also expelled, but the strategist of tigers It was for claiming Fernando Hernandez.

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