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UN celebrates FIFA’s decision to suspend Rubiales and criticizes his “clearly inappropriate” behavior

UN Women Spain in a manifesto to celebrate FIFA’s decision to suspend Luis Rubiales as president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation for his “completely unacceptable disrespectful behavior” at the Women’s World Cup final Collected more signatures.

The document celebrates the actions initiated by the Higher Sports Council in Spain against Rubiales, which could temporarily double the sanction, while the Administrative Court (TAD) looks into complaints received against the behavior of the RFEF’s recently suspended president. studies.

It said, “The Spanish women’s football team is the undisputed world champion. Their skill and achievements should be the center of attention. Instead, completely unacceptable derogatory comments and behavior have made these regrettable performances less worthy of celebration.” statement.

Women of more than 50 politicians, businessmen, actors and journalists, as well as other professionals, joined UN Women Spain to defend “zero tolerance towards any form of abuse or harassment of any kind, anytime, anywhere in women’s sport”. have brought together.

The letter has been endorsed by the former President of the Government, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero; former minister Jordi Sevilla; former minister and president of Red Electrica de España, Beatriz Corredor; President of the Court of Accounts, Enriqueta Chicano; Elena Valenciano, president of the Fundación Mujeres and former leader of the PSOE; and others including Olympic champion and former COE Vice President Theresa Zabel. It also has the explicit support of other organizations such as Plan International Spain, Mujeres Avenir, Platform of Children’s Organization POI, Fundación Mujeres, Oxfam Intermon, Political Watch and ‘’.

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