Luis Sinisterra increases the interest of Bayer Leverkusen: record offer in Feyenoord | Colombians Abroad

Without a doubt, when talking about the Colombian National Team and that new generation that should come, there are already two enormous candidates to lead the national team. By coincidence, two ‘Luchos’, one who shines at Liverpool for his great accommodation and affection that the squad and Jürgen Klopp have shown him, and the revelation in the Netherlands at Feyenoord.

Thus, the two great references today are Luis Díaz and Luis Sinisterra. The one in Santander de Quilichao is in the orbit of half of Europe, which is increasingly interested in having its services. Arsenal, Atlético de Madrid, Napoli and Bayer Leverkusen are the teams that have looked the most for the Colombian. In any of the three scenarios, the Colombian would have a leading role in the Champions League.

Feyenoord stayed in third place in the Eredivisie and will sign their participation in the next Conference League, a competition that Luis Sinisterra knows well ad-portas to play the final against Roma. However, changing the scene would be new challenges for the Colombian, and why not think of signing with a Champions club.

According to information from the Teutonic sports outlet ‘Kicker’, they maintain that Luis Sinisterra appears on Bayer Leverkusen’s radar for the following season. He would go to one of the top five leagues in the world like the German one. “Leverkusen wants to strengthen itself to fight for good results both in Germany and in the European context,” the newspaper commented.

In addition, they added that Bayer Leverkusen is willing to offer between 20 and 25 million for Luis Sinisterra. If so, the signing would go into Feyenoord’s record books as their biggest sale. As the German newspaper also said, they will wait for the Conference League to end before making the move. However, it seems that Sinisterra’s final destination may be Germany.

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