LUNA is already considered the Lehman Brothers of cryptocurrencies. So you can follow its debacle from the Stock Exchange on the iPhone

It has not been a good week for those who buy and sell cryptocurrencies. LUNA, one of the calls stablecoins that sought to avoid the high volatility of the market, has plummeted from its more or less stable value around 100 dollars to practically absolute zero. Now each MOON costs millionths of a penny, just like that.

You don’t need third-party apps to check the price of various cryptocurrencies

The zambombazo has represented a disaster for many amateur investors, who trusted LUNA as a safe value. The ruin has been such that the cryptocurrency Reddit has been filled with messages from people who even they pondered suicide. Millions of dollars, suddenly, gone.

If you are one of those who wants to follow these trends in detail, the iPhone Stocks app is your friend. Yes, even for these cryptocurrencies that are not as popular (at least for the general user) as Bitcoin or Ethereum. The key is to discover with what abbreviation the application identifies the cryptocurrency.

In the case of LUNA, this abbreviation is LUNA1-USD. If we enter it in the Stock Market search engine, we will find its (apocalyptic) data:

Moon Iphone

This also works in the Stocks app on iPadOS and macOS, so we can use them there too. Remember that with iCloud activated you can assign values ​​as favorites and sync them across all devices.

How to use the Stock Market app on our iPhone, iPad or Mac

In case you need them the abbreviations for Bitcoin and Ethereum are BTC-USD and ETH-USD respectively. We are in very bad days for all markets in general, so you will probably see red charts everywhere. Patience, or HODL as some would say.

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