Lupillo appeared in the last place where Jenni Rivera sang and assures that he was present

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Jenni Rivera died ten years ago in a terrible helicopter accident after a presentation at the Monterrey Arena at the age of 43. At that time she was participating as a coach in the program “La Voz MĂ©xico”. In full 2022, Lupillo Rivera He recently played in the same venue where, by the way, he had complications with the light. He assures that his sister was present.

The also known as “Diva de la Banda” manifested herself, according to her brother, in the presentation. She thus commented on it on the program “the sun rises“; He shared that he had many mishaps during his presentation, especially with the light above the stage. “The matter came out very curious. Only when I was on stage did it go out twice. The plants went out”he mentioned.

The interpreter of “El Despreciado” said that it is most likely that Jenni Rivera manifested herself spiritually in her presentation since the place where she performed was the last one where she sang “La Diva de la Banda”.

“It was the last place where my sister sang and I think that has to do with that”Lupillo Rivera mentioned.

He shared some photos of the concert on his official Instagram account where he wrote in the description “Thank you Arena Monterrey for last night. Expect Cumbia Machine in your city soon!”ensuring that there are still more cities where it will be presented soon.

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