Lupillo Rivera’s tattoo artist offers help to Christian Nodal to erase Belinda’s tattoos

Belinda and Christian Nodal They continue to give what to talk about after announcing their definitive breakup, where one of the questions that immediately arose was in reference to the tattoos that the singer embodied on his body in honor of who until a few days ago was his fiancée.

Given the rain of assumptions, some proposals have emerged, such as that of “Tanke Rules”, who was in charge of covering the portrait of Belinda that Lupillo Rivera carried on his right arm, and who once again offered his help to transform the designs that the interpreter of “Botella after Bottle” carries on his body.

It was during an interview with the program ‘Ventaneando’, where Antonio Morales shared some proposals to cover the huge tattoo that Nodal had on his torsowhich is inspired by Belinda’s eyes.

“My recommendation would be use what we already have tattooed to make a completely different tattoo, and all this to avoid hurting the area more than necessary. I resorted to the idea of transform it into a hannya maskwhich is a traditional Japanese resource that refers to a jealous woman, transformed into a demon“, said.

While another idea is to add a mask under the eyes and modify them a bit by giving more black color on the eyelids to “look more demonic”, he explained.

But that was not all, since to give a new touch to the tattoo that he has on the side of his ear with the word “Beli”, the proposal is simpler, because he could add other letters to it.

“Complete the word in English that would be ‘Belive’, which translates into Spanish as believe, but many ideas came to me, or ‘Bélico’, (it could also be)”, he added.

And although it is an arduous job that could exceed 10 hours of decision for the tattoos to be completely modified, Tanke Rules ensures that he offers his help without charging Christian Nodal a single penny.

For Mr. Nodal, the truth is that I would do it for free. (I would finish it) in two sessions, if you have a high tolerance for pain we can do it in one session, but 12 hours. It is very painful and tiredthe truth, I think that it would be advisable to do it in two continuous days”, he pointed out.

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