Lupita Cuatle presented the second activity report. Puebla Municipalities

San Andres Cholula, PU- Lupita Cuautl Torres, President of the Board of Trustees of the Municipal DIF System (SMDIF), presented the second activity report of the organization in the Municipal Zocalo of San Andrés Cholula.

Ibero Puebla takes note of 280 complaints on its campus: there are cases of sexual harassment and university violence Plane crashes near Puebla airportCuautel Torres began his speech by thanking and recognizing the public servants who created SMDIFAs well as the grandparents, women, girls, boys and teenagers who rely every day on the work done by DIF.

He emphasized on these sectors as they are the direct beneficiaries of the programmes, as the objective is to provide security and engaging populations in vulnerable situations to build a fair, equitable and supportive society.

Similarly, Lupita Cuatle sent a message of encouragement to her colleagues indicating that today is the time of women. To take up more space in politics, she said she would continue her work without hesitation, exercising her rights as a woman and citizen.

She pointed out that those who perpetrate political gender violence against them and who hide behind the anonymity of social networks will not become an obstacle for the citizens of San Andrés to continue working in the DIF.

For his part, Municipal President Mundo Tlatelhuis indicated that the work of the DIF is the result of a total effort The results of which were heard in the voice of his wife Lupita Cuatle, whom he congratulated and recognized for these two years of being the driving force in this agency.

Among the main activities carried out by the Municipal DIF System, Lupita Cuatle listed 63 “Health Days” In which 1,583 medical studies were conducted, as well as 27 “Saturday days”. Similarly, Preventive Day against Breast Cancer was launched for the benefit of 950 women.

21,824 clinical analyzes were conducted to detect chronic-degenerative diseases, And similarly, these actions were directed at older adults.

In terms of dental health, 51,857 dental consultations were given. Through the “Healthy Smile” program Prevention of oral diseases was promoted in various educational institutions for the benefit of 885 minors.

Within the framework of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, 15 “physical activities” were carried out, In addition, 2,870 “free fitness classes” were taught, which when added over the first year brought the total to 5,740.

With the coordination of businessmen, associations and citizens, the “Abrigo Solidario” collection continued. It was targeted at people living in vulnerable situations who were given winter clothing and blankets. 13 Christmas trees were lit throughout the municipality and 12 celebrations “With you and the three wise men we create the future” were held.

The “Un Domingo Differente” event was promoted with cultural and artistic activities, which was attended by 420 people. Similarly, for the second consecutive year, the “Moms Strengthening the Future” festival was held, which was attended by 5,000 San Andrés residents.

For the Day of Boys and Girls, a “second children’s race” was launched with 600 minors between 6 and 11 years old.The “Movie Afternoon” for 3,250 spectators and the “Great Fair for Girls and Boys Towards the Future” with over 5,000 children were celebrated.

After more than 30 years, Community Child Assistance Center (CAIC) to be brought into operation of San Luis Tehuiloyocan, which connects to San Francisco Acatepec which has been in operation since this school year.

Through the “Changing Lives with Support for Chronic-Degenerative Diseases” program, 87 people benefited Diseases like kidney failure, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, schizophrenia, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. were diagnosed.

To include people with disabilities, in two years of management, 1,155 orthopedic devices have been distributed Such as wheelchair, semi-sports wheelchair, support cane, tetrapod cane, white cane, walker and crutches.

With the program “Changing Lives with Hearing Aids”, 270 hearing aids have been delivered to low-income people in two years, And with the delivery of 600 glasses, 500 high school students and 100 people from the general population have benefited in two years. Also, 30 artificial limbs and 15 orthoses were provided in two years, benefiting 44 people.

From January 2023 in the “Nikan Mokal Hostel” of the General Hospital of Cholula. Assistance was provided to 607 relatives of patients, and breakfast was given to 2,781 people.

School breakfast programs have also expanded in the municipality. In its cool method, 14 preschoolers benefited and 12 CAIC in favor of 3 thousand 41 girls and boys; While in its hot mode, 6 primaries and 710 students were supported. As a supplement, six dining rooms were equipped.

To improve the health and quality of life of visually impaired people, Auditory, motor, sensory and/or cognitive, 74,928 physical, occupational, early stimulation, language and special education treatments were carried out over two years.

Courses held on spinal hygiene, pelvic floor strengthening and stimulation Prenatal through the “Healthy Pregnancy with a Future” program.

To promote social inclusion, “Inclusion with the Future” catwalk was held with the participation of 12 people suffering from some form of disability, which gave us the opportunity to know their life stories.

Faced with the global health crisis of COVID-19 and the problems of stress, anxiety, grief and other related conditions 14,554 psychological care consultations were provided for mental health, which has affected millions of people.

“Tardes de Danzón” continued for the benefit of 338 older adults, including music It has become an eternal bond that unites generations and preserves a tradition full of charm and grace.

He highlighted that four “Inclusion with the Future” events were held where vulnerable groups had the opportunity To market their products. In turn, 19 gatherings were held, benefiting 1,388 grandmas and grandpas who came to the day stay.

In this regard, the rehabilitation work was started on 26th September. Migration aimed at distinguishing locations where older adults receive medical and dental care.

Finally, Lupita Cuatle highlights her strong commitment to protecting the rights of minors Through three general sessions of the Municipal Committee of the System for Comprehensive Protection of the Rights of Girls, Boys and Adolescents (SIPINNA).

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