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After the Leones del Caracas won eight runs by six at the University Stadium in the Venezuelan capital against Tiburones de La Guaira, this Tuesday the second commitment of a series that will define the championship of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League will take place. .

Both teams put on a baseball show in their first meeting of the final series and the most outstanding player of that game was Alí Castillo, who reached base in each of his five at-bats with three hits, two runs scored and two walks.

Now, in this second round, Mario Sánchez (1.21 – Leones) and Ricardo Pinto (5.82 – Tiburones) will be the two openers who will be in charge of managing the throws by both teams in a commitment where, from, we carry out a inning-by-inning tracking.

You can follow the game play by play by clicking on this link.

La Guaira Sharks Lineup:

Caracas Lions Lineup:

First entry. High part: Ronald Acuña Jr hits his first single in the final. Balbino Fuenmayor strikes out for the last out.

First entry. Bottom: entry completed by way of 1-2-3.

Second entry. High part: Ángel Reyes hits a single and goes to second after an error at first base. He is caught trying to steal a base, but is safe. Alcides Escobar is beaten. Ehire Adrianza delivers the last out.

Second entry. Bottom: Oswaldo Arcia receives a ticket. Isaías Tejeda hits single. Orlando Arcia receives a walk and the bases are filled. Niko Vásquez drives in the first Leones run with a single to shortstop. Wilfredo Giménez hits double and adds two more. PITCHER CHANGE: Ricardo Pinto leaves for Carlos Suniaga. Wilfredo Tovar delivers the last out.

Third entry. High part: Maikel García receives a ticket. Franklin Barreto hits a double and sends Garcia to third. Ronald Acuña Jr receives a ticket and the bases are filled. Maikel García discounts for wild pitch. Balbino Fuenmayor hits a home run and turns the board over. CHANGE OF PITCHER: Mario Sánchez leaves for David Gutiérrez. Henry Blanco, manager of Tiburones protests improper alignment. Rafael Marchán hits single. Alcides Escobar receives a ticket. Ehire Adrianza delivers the last out.

Third entry. Bottom: CHANGE OF PITCHER: Carlos Suniaga leaves for Nelson Hernández. Oswaldo Arcia receives a ticket. Isaías Tejeda delivers the last out.

Fourth inning. High part: CHANGE OF PITCHER: David Gutiérrez leaves for Norwith Gudiño. Ronald Acuña Jr knocks it out of the park. Balbino Fuenmayor delivers the last out.

Fourth inning. Bottom: Niko Vásquez receives a ticket. Wilfredo Giménez hits a single. Vásquez to third and Giménez to second after Ali Castillo was out. Wilfredo Tovar delivers the last out.

Fifth inning. High part: Danry Vasquez singles. Alcides Escobar delivers the last out.

Fifth inning. Bottom: Harold Castro singles. José Rondón receives a ticket. Oswaldo Arcia receives a ticket and the bases are filled. PITCHER CHANGE: Nelson Hernández leaves for Nane Antone. Isaías Tejeda connects double base sweeps and turns the game around again. Tejeda goes to third after out to Orlando Arcia. Wilfredo Giménez strikes out for the last out.

sixth entry. High part: PITCHER CHANGE: Norwith Gudiño leaves for Miguel Socolovich. The entry ends by way of 1-2-3.

sixth entry. Bottom: Ali Castillo hits his first hit of the night. Wilfredo Tovar receives a ticket. Harold Castro sends Tovar to second and Castillo to third with a sacrifice bunt. Oswaldo Arcia receives a ticket and the bases are filled. Isaías Tejeda hits a single, adding two runs to Leones and Arcia to third.

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