LVBP: Lions vaccinate Sharks and take the first of the Grand Final | baseball 123

Stefano Malave Macri. Twitter: @StefanoMalaveM

The first match of the Grand Final of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League between the Leones del Caracas and Tiburones de La Guaira ended with a resounding victory for the cats at the University Stadium in the Venezuelan capital.

Despite starting losing thanks to two double drives by Francisco Arcia and Ehire Adrianza in the second inning, the tie came in the third act thanks to Wilfredo Tovar and Harold Castro. Later, the long-haired would turn it around in the fourth episode and add two more lines thanks to a double by Orlando Arcia and a single by Wilfredo Giménez.

Although the littoralenses would discount in the sixth inning thanks to a single by Alcides Escobar, the Leones increased their lead with a double by Niko Vásquez in the bottom half of said inning and a double by José Rondón in the seventh.

The ninth inning would be the time for Tiburones to react, as they would manage to load the bases and Balbino Fuenmayor would manage to hit a two-run double and Danry Vásquez would add the sixth. However, a fly ball by Ángel Reyes would end the match: the Leones del Caracas start the final series on the right foot.

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