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And it is that despite the fact that the DC superheroine has had strange relationships in the comics, the actress took advantage of the fact that June is the month of LGBTQ+ pride and on Twitter she shared an image of Wonder Woman and also took the opportunity to answer the critics and demonstrate the canonical character orientation.

The tweet from Lynda Carter, who brought Wonder Woman to life in a television series from 1976 to 1979, featured a comic book cover by Paulina Ganucheau, in which the superhero poses against a rainbow-colored background.

Along with the image, Carter wrote a message saying she was excited to celebrate Pride month with all her friends and fans of the LGBTQ+ community, but a user responded furiously to her tweet and called her out for using Wonder Woman to promote her. gays and lesbians.

Lynda Carter answered the user who criticized her on several occasions and among the things she told him is that Wonder Woman is a superhero for everyone, including bisexuals.

Lynda Carter explains why Wonder Woman is an LGBT+ icon

Responding to criticism for involving the DC character in Pride Month, the actress noted that Diana Prince is a queer icon and if people haven’t realized it, it’s because they haven’t paid attention to her stories.

“Every time someone comes up to me and tells me that Wonder Woman helped them while they were in the closet, it reminds me how special the role is.”

The actress even shared a link to a Polygon interview (in September 2016) with writer Greg Rucka, where she accepts that Wonder Woman has had same-sex relationships.

In the interview, the writer of Wonder Woman said the island of Themyscira is an earthly paradise inhabited by Amazons, where they can live happily and that includes in the love sense, with a partner.

“When you start thinking about giving meaning to the concept of Themyscira (or Paradise Island, which is an island nation of Amazonian women), the answer is: ‘How come they’re not all in same-sex relationships?’ It wouldn’t make sense if it were the other way around.”

Later in the interview, the writer also confirmed that Diana Prince at some point before leaving the island was in love and had a relationship with another Amazon, and later met Steve Trevor, the character with whom she develops a courtship in the movies.

About this, in an interview with Variety in October 2016, Gal Gadot mentioned that although the concept has not been explored in her films, what Greg Rucka said makes sense having spent so many years on the island.

Wonder Woman is bisexual in DC comics

The words of the actresses and the writer are based on the canon of the comics, where the princess of the Amazons was openly bisexual in the pages of ‘Dark Knights of Steel’ of 2021.

In Tom Taylor’s comic where the heroes exist in a medieval universe, Diana Prince has a relationship with Zala-El, Superman’s sister and princess of the House of El. In one of the drawings both characters have to separate after they Zala’s father has been murdered, so she and Wonder Woman share a tender goodbye kiss.

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