Macarena Achaga and the naked sun therapy with which she celebrated her birthday

On social networks they are criticizing the Mexican youtuber Juanpa Zurita for allegedly not having been so attentive when he arrived at the wedding reception of Lele Pons and Guaynaa. And it is that a clip has circulated where the youtuber asks his partner Macarena Achaga to take some pictures of him with his friends, but apparently she did not meet the expectations of what he expected or asked for, and decided to tell him in a serious tone “leave it like that ‘.

The moment, which for many does not seem controversial, for others has been criticized for how to treat a girlfriend, which is why it has generated a stir on social networks against Juanpa Zurita. This is how in the midst of this controversy is that his girlfriend Macarena Achaga decided to soften the situation or divert attention by spreading a daring album with photos of his recent birthday.

The striking thing about the publication of the interpreter of series and films is that she used as a highlight a snapshot in which she shows that celebrated her birthday naked and taking therapy some sun. It is known that the anniversary of Macarena’s life was on Sunday, March 5, so she and her boyfriend flew without having slept before the wedding reception of Lele and Guaynaa to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to enjoy a celebration on the beach that included a romantic dinner by candlelight and with a view of the sea, as well as a later day sunbathing and with a tan without any clothes.

In the image you can see the birthday girl lying on a bunk in the distance and smiling while posing towards the camera to be captured by her boyfriend. In this daring and flirtatious photograph, the actress from Juliantina and The Wrath of God is totally naked, face down and exposing her shapely rearguard to the sun.

Regarding her part of the chest, the famous chose to cover it a bit with the accommodation of her posture. Macarena is shown to be most smiling and relaxed, which undoubtedly shows off how relaxed she feels in the shot in question and with her partner who pampered her to the fullest on her day.


For many years I thought that I did not like celebrating my birthday and it was not so long ago that I discovered that I simply did not like the “traditional” way of doing it… many many tries later I leave you with a small album of how I have learned to celebrate my own life. Planning my solar return has forced me to have clarity in my desires, commitment to my intention, investment of my time and resources on the day of my birth, and above all a power of conviction with myself and -the last three years with the love of my lives too- to take 5 flights in 48 hours and arrive on time to the place in the world where the stars align in my favor I don’t think it’s magic, dreams don’t come true.. you work, but it feels nice to do something for you same once a year 🙂 If you identified with this story, find out what the solar revolution is and how to do yours in the perfect spot for you bbs, “Macareja wrote next to the publication.

Later, she included a few words dedicated especially to her boyfriend and in gratitude for the details that he prepared for her.


PS: @juanpazurita thanks for being my undisputed adventure partner, keeping you awake all weekend with me and for this cheesy turbo surprise in the moonlight that made my year really, what are the odds? I feel so grateful. Ahhh and now also my fav photographer, tall photo you took of me. What a way to start my new year,” she said.

In this way it is like the medium of the controversy in social networks against the youtuber Mexican, her partner decides to share a daring image as well as other memories of the birthday celebration that he prepared to please her.

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