Machine gun blast hits Brian Lozano’s car in Uruguay

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He could count it as a bad time, although the reality is that it could end in misfortune. Brian Lozanoelement of Santos Lagunawho vacations in his native Uruguaywas hit in his car by several bullets when he was going to visit his grandmother.

In an interview he gave to the local media Sports 890, The egg reported what happened in the Lavalleja neighborhoodwhere he lived during his childhood and where his old lady still lives.

“Two days ago I went to eat with my grandmother, who still lives in the neighborhood, they passed by in a car and fired a burst with a machine gun, they hit the car in which I had gone to see her,” he explained. the charrúa.


After a bad season, in which The Warriors They couldn’t even access RepechageBrian decided to spend a few days in his country.

Lozano wanted to be close to his people, although, in order not to lose shape, he trains with him Sporting Defenderbecause the idea is to get as ready for the preseason with the lagoons.

It must be remembered that the offensive midfielder suffered a serious injury a year ago that kept him off the pitch for a long time.

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