Machine Gun Kelly apparently already forgot Megan Fox: he was seen with another woman

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Machine Gun Kelly and Megan fox They have ended their relationship and commitment in a surprising way. There are many rumors around them, especially many cameras following them at every step they take. The musician has recently been seen accompanied by a blonde woman who is said to be his new partner.

Machine Gun Kelly is currently playing a series of concerts throughout the United States. The couple (or ex-partner?) Have not spoken about it but it seems that the wedding plans have been suspended or perhaps even eliminated. The musician has tried to clear his mind, not think about it and have fun with friends, he was seen in a Texas bar accompanied by a very mysterious blonde girl.

It is not known who he is but he was accompanying the 32-year-old rapper. That same night he was seen in the Bayou & Bottle bar of the Four Seasons hotel in Houston where, according to some present, he was very agitated and worried. He was accompanied by the girl and everyone was surprised because he had not been seen with her before.

He had a good time, they were accompanying each other and talking for about an hour until they lost track of them. It is not known if they left together, they knew how to lose the press. The musician’s followers have been wondering who he is but there is no information about her.

Machine Gun Kelly has reportedly moved on from his relationship with Megan Fox Well, the actress has also removed the engagement ring that she shared with the musician. She attended the Vanity Fair party alone as an afterparty for the 2023 Oscars. She did not say anything about it and knowing the personality of both, it is expected that they will not, but perhaps it is Machine Gun Kelly’s new relationship to overcome his controversial love with the actress.

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