Macias and Chicharito never celebrated them, what Pulido will do if he scores against Chivas

What Pulido said about celebrating or not if he scores against Chivas
What Pulido said about celebrating or not if he scores against Chivas

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Mexican striker Alan Pulido spoke to the media after the Leagues Cup calendar was announced, a tournament that will be played by the MLS and Liga MX teams in an association of countries. Chivas and Sporting Kansas City share a group and the former rojiblanco forward gave his impression.

Alan Pulido left Mexico after being a champion with Chivas and also a scoring leader, being one of the key pieces of the Flock. His departure was subject to Ricardo Peláez’s refusal to renew it. In the end, the player ended up signing with Sporting Kansas City.

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In a press conference, Alan Pulido was asked about how he would act in the hypothetical case that he scores against the team that he scored many goals for. Pulido’s response was clear and concise. “I am in another team, but respect and affection are always kept for him. I would not celebrate (if he scores Chivas), it would be attacking myself for what I feel for the team, ”he commented.

This same trend has been experienced by other strikers who have passed through Chivas and had to face them. Such is the case of José Juan Macías, who scored against El Rebaño when he was a member of León. The youth squad did not celebrate him and after the game he pointed out that he respects the team that saw him born.

The day Chicharito faced Chivas

Javier Hernández have faced Chivas twice, once with Manchester United and once with LA Galaxy. Yes, well, in both situations Chicharito did not score, nor did he celebrate with his teammates because of the respect he has for the Flock.

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