Mackenzie Foy’s radical physical change 10 years after her role as Renesmee in Twilight

Mackenzie Foy played Edward and Bella’s beautiful daughter, Renesmee, in Twilight. More than 10 years after the premiere of the second part of Dawn, the star has become a sensation on social networks where she shows daily how much she has changed.

Twilight is a saga of books taken to the big screen, which tells the story of a family of vampires who begin to interact with humans after one of their own, Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) falls in love with a teenager named Bella Swan, who is played by Kristen Stewart.

In the last of the Twilight movies, Breaking Dawn, fans met Renesmee, the beautiful daughter of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, who is half human and half vampire, and for whom a war is unleashed against the Volturi and their allies. Renesmee was played by the little Mackenzie Foywho at that time was only 12 years old.

In Twilight, specifically in the 2012 film Breaking Dawn, the mystical daughter of the vampire Edward and the human Bella, was portrayed first as a computer-generated baby and then as a girl played by child actress Mackenzie Foy, who garnered all the praise. from criticism.

Renesmee’s computer-created baby is still considered creepy. Fortunately, Bella and Edward’s daughter aged rapidly, just like in the novel, and soon turned into a normal girl. TO Unlike the CG Renesmee, who didn’t look much like any real person, Foy looked a lot like her on-screen parents, played by Stewart and Pattinson.. “Kristen’s eyes are green like mine,” she told her. usa today in a 2012 interview.e

Mackenzie Foy looks very different away from her role as Renesmee in Twilight

If you’re not a fan of Twilight but still recognize Mackenzie Foy, it might be because she’s made other notable on-screen appearances over the years. Right after Breaking Dawn, she played Cindy in the 2013 horror film The Conjuring. The following year, she played the younger version of Murph from Jessica Chastain in interstellar.

His most recent film was Black Beauty 2020, an adaptation of the classic 1877 novel by Anna Sewell. Twilight’s Mackenzie Foy starred in the film, which debuted in Disney+next to Kate Winslet. Foy became an ambassador for the Wild Beauty Foundation, an organization “dedicated to protecting the horses of our time, by raising unique awareness of the key issues facing both wild and domestic horses today.” She continues to work with horses, as can be seen on her instagram.

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