Mad Cool 2024 officially confirms its date, but not the data many expected

Queens of the Stone Age - Mad Cool Festival 2023

Mad Cool Festival 2024 will be held From 11 to 13 July 2024As your organization has just confirmed through an informational channel Instagram In which we were recently invited.

However, with the dates of mad cool 2024 Frankly, we did not expect any major changes in this regard, since we imagined that it would be something continuous, the organization of the Madrid festival has not shared even one of the most anticipated details by its attendees.

Where will Mad Cool 2024 be held?

and that after an irregular 2023 edition due to its new location and many organizational problems, the organization of mad cool He has not confirmed thatNew festival venue in Madrid“located in the Villaverde area and baptized Iberdrola MusicJahan’s concert Harry Styles A few days after its edition ends this year.

While we await the first confirmation of this very important detail as well as its lineup for future attendees of the Macro-Festival, we remind you that this year’s edition included bands such as Queens of the Stone Age, Mumford & Sons, the black Keys, appreciation one of two red Hot Chili Peppers,

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