Madonna and her powerful speech in which she exposed the abuse and misogyny of the music industry

Madonna is one of the longest-lived artists in the music industry, since the early 1980s a revolution began that bothered many, but also encouraged other women and members of the LGTB+ community to free themselves and express themselves.

The singer, now 64 years old, has been referenced as a constant icon for younger stars like Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Beyoncé herself.

Many trends, costumes and sounds that to this day are still involved in the pop industry, all of them were first made by Madonna.

However, despite being a huge musical star with a legacy of millions of albums sold, more than 300 million and counting, as well as multiple hits that continue to ring to this day such as Music, Vogue, Like a Virgin, to name a few, For Madonna Louise Ciccone things were not always easy.

There is a video that goes viral again every year, it is a thank you speech when Madonna received the award for Woman of the Year in 2016 at the Billboard Women in Music, there the artist spoke of the violence, criticism and scrutiny she received just for being a woman.

“Thank you for recognizing my ability to maintain my career for 34 years, in the face of blatant misogyny, sexism, constant harassment and relentless abuse,” the Frozen interpreter begins.

“When I started there was no internet. And people had to say things to my face. There were many people I had to shut up. Because life was simple back then,” he adds.

“When I first went to New York, I was a teenager. It was 1979. And New York was a scary place. For the first year I was threatened with a gun. Raped on a rooftop with a knife to my throat. And mugged and robbed of my house several times. Until I just stopped closing the door.”

“In the years that followed I lost almost all of my friends to AIDS, drugs or firearms. As you can imagine, all these unexpected events not only helped me to be the daring woman in front of you, but also They reminded me that I am vulnerable, and that there is no security in life, except believing in yourself.”

“I’m receiving the Woman of the Year award, and I wonder: what can I say about being a woman in the music industry? What can I say about being a woman? When I started writing songs I didn’t think about gender issues. No I thought about feminism. I just wanted to be an artist. But my muse was David Bowie. He embodied the masculine and feminine spirit and that suited me very well. He made me think there were no rules. But it wasn’t true. There are no rules if You’re a boy”.

Then Madonna goes on to talk about the game women are allowed to play: “be pretty and sexy.” “But don’t be too smart” and “don’t have an opinion that deviates from the rules.”

So it also talks about the way women have to show their sexuality, as well as how they cannot grow old.

The queen of pop accuses that the same as she did, they applauded other artists like Prince, or anyone who was a man.

Madonna also points out that when she released her album Erotica, she was called a “witch” and a slut, even compared to the devil.

Until now, the artist has remained in the public eye, rebelling against those who question her and single out her age or her physique.

The artist is about to go on tour to celebrate 40 years of artistic career.

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