Madonna: what her new face says about her career

For several months, Madonna’s face has made her fans react. Between control of her image, diktat of society and perpetual renewal of her career, the singer continues to be talked about after 60 years of career. A decryption to listen to in our ELLE debrief podcast.

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This week, in the new episode of the ELLE debrief podcast, our journalists looked at the immense career of Madonna, who has never stopped reinventing herself by changing her style of dress, her hair, her collaborations, and lately, her appearance. physical. A transformation which makes people react, which makes a lot of ink flow, but which finally seems faithful to the guideline of its career: provocation. The interpreter of “Like a virgin” makes her body her canvas, and inscribes it in her work as well as her singles. While some cry out for the abuse of cosmetic surgery, others support it in an industry that tends to belittle women after a certain age. But as always, Madonna has nothing to do with criticism and continues to impose herself as the queen of pop, despite a market that gives pride of place to Dua Lipa, Cardi B and other Miley Cyrus. Madonna reinvents herself, grows with her audience, and continues to post controversial photos of herself. Because after all, as long as we keep talking about her, Madonna proves that she is and will remain the greatest pop star of all time.

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