Madonna would be planning a tour for her 40-year career

The new year has started and we already have several great events to enjoy, including concerts and world tours by various artists. And it seems that among these artists would be the very Madonnawhich could also be preparing a stadium tour to celebrate its 40 years of careerhosting a hits tour for the first time!

According to the British tabloid The Sun, the Queen of Pop’s new tour should start at the end of 2023 and the dates would be announced in the coming weeks. The singer would have even met on several occasions with creative director Jamie King, who has coordinated her productions since 2001.

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“Madonna is trying something completely new, actually giving fans old and new what they want. She wants to introduce her old songs to a whole new generation. Previously, she always wanted to look to the future and focus on whatever new album she released. But now, in her mid-sixties, she’s going back to basics and once again reinventing herself.”

It should be remembered that a few months ago, the Uruguayan newspaper El Observador revealed that Madonna’s team reserved a date for a concert on the agenda of the Administrative Commission of the Official Field (Cafo) of the Centenario Stadium, in Uruguay.

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According to the media outlet, the confirmation came from Cafo’s own executive president, Ricardo Lombardo, to El Observador. It was also revealed that the production company responsible for the American star has reserved the main stage in Montevideo for the month of November 2023.

With this, the dates revealed by The Sun and the Uruguayan newspaper are compatible, which also revives the idea that Madonna, if confirmed, could extend her new tour with shows throughout Latin America, including Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and more. .

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