Madrid to open a day care center for ALS patients in Zendal

patients suffering from E.amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, What is commonly known as ELA continues to wait for the approval of a law that has accumulated more than 40 extensions in the previous legislature. Affected people, trapped in a debilitating disorder, grapple with the severity of the disease and the associated logistical and financial difficulties.

Now, the Community of Madrid has set as one of its objectives the implementation of various measures to achieve better and more humane treatment for ALS patients. In addition to opening the first specialized care center for this disease at the Puerta Hierro Clinic, the regional government is planning to inaugurate a The day center which will be located in the Isabel Zendl Nursing Hospital will involve an investment of 1.5 million euros.

ALS patients need solutions and they need them as soon as possible. While waiting for the treatment center in Puerta de Hierro, Madrid Executive will set up a day care center with a capacity of 60 patients, based on convertible and transportable modules. “We want to make the spaces more friendly which will include bamboo and natural plants,” say sources from the Health Department of the Community of Madrid, pointing to their intention to avoid the cold image of hospitals.

The center aims to provide comprehensive care that includes not only doctors and nurses, but also speech therapists, rehabilitators and psychological care assistants available to patients.

Furthermore, the Ministry emphasizes Need to take care of family members too Therefore, a section of Training and information. On the other hand, there is a plan to open a technical assistance bank where goods will be provided to the patients. pills Optimized for use.

Although the space will have capacity 60 people, The community is ready to expand this number and even treat patients from other autonomous communities. Furthermore, the Madrid government will make these places available regardless of socio-economic level.

The center is expected to be available by February next year and will be staffed by an elite group of health professionals currently working in the regional health service.

Puerta de Hierro: leading the world

The ALS center that the Community of Madrid plans to open before the end of the term at the Puerta de Hierro hospital will be First of its kind worldwide.

This 190-bed center will be the first to be set up in Zendal. On behalf of the Ministry, they assure that they are ready to remain active one after another door hardware.

Of the available spaces, 120 will be assigned to mid-stay functional recovery, 20 to palliative care and 50 beds to the residential center. Its budget for its implementation will be 73 million euros.

In addition, the Community of Madrid will create the ALS Network, composed of this residence, the center established in Zendal and five other units in Clinico, 12 de Octubre, La Paz, Infanta Elena and Rey Juan Carlos.

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