Mady Diaz, guitarist and solo artist of the band Harry Styles, is on board Delta Airlines after her pendant guitar was attacked by “wreckers” 20 years ago.

Madi Diaz soon finds herself aboard Delta Airlines after the “destroyers” target her 20-year-old guitar keychain, demanding, “Comment cela at-il pu arrival?

The musician – who returned to Harry Styles and reunited with the backing band for the Love On Tour in 2023 – was used on the official X/Twitter site to appear in video clips with Martin’s D-28 guitar, aged 20.

Diaz – who will be Kacey Musgraves’ first act on the Deeper Well tour – review: “I started the tour with @KaceyMusgraves tmmrw and j’ai ouvert mon étui à Guitare pour m’entraîner et j’ai found cha. Les dégâts sont au-delà. Comment cela pourrait-il arrival. S’IL VOUS PLAÎT REPOSTLER. Delta doesn’t know that he can’t be a tool traitor like in heaven.

Elle a poursuivi in ​​a separate tweet: “From my student room in university scenes with @Harry_Styles, this guitar accompanied everyone. @Delta I love my tool. An irresistible piece. I’m not saying that the comment should begin as a replacement for what I chose to do.

“J’ai acheté la mallette la más resistant que j’ai pu ver. My theory of the pendant 20 years ago was that our instruments were treasured during the journey to help us tell our story. Did Leson warn you? I don’t know how to finance the location of material assets, but most of all I don’t know how to do it, except that I don’t know how to do it.

Diaz concluded his tweets from the retailer to his fans with “s’être mis en colère” against him over the situation and hopes to reach some sort of resolution with the airline.

ZikNation I have contacted Delta Airlines for comment.

Fans are Venus, the singer’s co-owner on Twitter: “Il était même dans un étuirigide et Solide. Des dommages comme celui-ci ne sont en aucun cas chance… vous devez essayer de le fair.

Jamie Floyd, two Grammy nominees, recently responded to Diaz’s video tweet: “@Delta what to say that what is meant for @madidiaz guitar…comment is it done? Aucun respect or souci des biens des gens?? C’est ainsi qu’elle gagne sa vie… et quelqu’un l’a détruit… under your supervision. S’il vous plait, fix it.

Musician Trevor McFedries also reacts to the situation in disant: “What is this? Through a hammer?! Je suis desolé Madi.

Diaz will currently be on tour with Kacey Musgraves during the UK and European leg of her world tour. Visit these accounts and consult dates.

Kacey Musgraves Deeper Well Tour Dates 2024 at Royaume University and Europe:

1 – Amsterdam, Pays-Bas @ Paradiso +
3 – Brussels, BE@Ancienne Belgique +
5 – Cologne, Germany @ Carlswerk Victoria +
6 – Hamburg, Germany @ DOCKS +
9 – Glasgow, Royaume-Uni @ 02 Academy Glasgow +
11 – Manchester, Queen’s University @ 02 Apollo Manchester +
13 – Wolverhampton, Royaum University @ The Civic at The Halls +
14 – London, Queen’s University @ Roundhouse +

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